Kim Bum captures attention with his deadly smile in new stills from ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’

The much-anticipated series from tvN Tale of the Nine Tailed has dropped another set of stills, this time featuring one of its lead cast members Kim Bum (Mrs. Cop 2) as he transforms into his magical character who feeds on human greed.

The upcoming fantasy series follows a gumiho (a nine-tailed fox in Korean myths) who works as some sort of public official and piques the interest of a TV producer whose current program features urban myths. To make matters more exciting, his half-gumiho, half-human stepbrother who harbors deep hatred for humans becomes drawn to their conflict.

Tale of the Nine Tailed takes pride in its strong lineup of actors who are passionate and have made names for themselves in the industry for their notable acting skills and gorgeous visuals. The series has been a hot topic in many social platforms since its announcement. Kim will be joined by Lee Dong-wook (Strangers from Hell) and Jo Bo-ah (Forest) in the main roles.

Kim Bum in Tale of the Nine Tailed - 4
Kim Bum in Tale of the Nine Tailed - 2
Kim Bum in Tale of the Nine Tailed - 1
Kim Bum in Tale of the Nine Tailed - 3

Kim Bum is set to portray the role of Lee Rang, Lee Yeon’s (Lee Dong-wook) mischievous half-brother and the most dangerous gumiho that has ever existed, having been born between a human and a nine-tailed fox. Although half-human, he hates them the most and plays with them for his entertainment by luring them using their desires and tricking them into giving up their souls. He will be united with his older brother Lee Yeon, who is being pursued by a headstrong and stubborn PD who will catch Lee Rang’s attention.

In the unveiled stills, Kim attracts attention with his killer smile and expressive gaze. He uses his natural charisma to charm people while constantly transforming his image to take advantage of his victims’ greed and desires. Lee Rang is notorious for his short patience and bad temper. In one of the stills, he uses his smile to get attention, and if that is not enough, he springs into action. The next still shows his laidback attitude as he holds a glass of wine while talking to someone, perfectly highlighting his sophisticated clothing style suitable for a luxurious date. Soon after his conversation, Lee-rang smiles slyly, as if he to show that he has succeeded in claiming another human soul.

Returning to his drama home after four years, expectations are set on Kim’s performance as a mythical fox who will evoke thrills and excitement among the audience.

Kim Bum has shared his thoughts on this new role, saying, “My nervousness and excitement are doubled because it has been a long time since I have filmed for a drama, but I am grateful to the good directors, staff, and fellow actors who made me feel welcome.” Asked about his character, he added, “With Lee Rang, it feels like a whole new and different concept that I have not experienced in my acting roles before. We are preparing safely, carefully, and eagerly, so please look forward to the upcoming [drama] Tale of the Nine Tailed.”

Even the production crew is charmed with the actor, sharing, “Kim Bum is an actor who constantly expresses different charms with his given roles, like a spring that does not dry out. In Tale of the Nine Tailed, Kim plays an active part in leading the excitement that will keep the viewers intrigued.”

Tale of the Nine Tailed will come to the small screen this October 7, replacing the time slot currently occupied by Flower of Evil.

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