‘Kill It’ shows Nana’s transformation, chemistry with Jang Ki-yong in new stills

OCN’s upcoming thriller Kill It released new promotional materials showing Nana‘s transformation into a brilliant detective and her chemistry with co-star Jang Ki-yong.

Nana’s character, Detective Do Hyun-jin, is described as emotionally distant on the surface, but someone who feels people’s pain inside. She is famous as a skilled detective, having graduated as top of her class at the police academy. In the stills below, she is seen embodying various facets of her character—from serious and angry to resolute and happy. She is dressed sharply in hues of brown, black and gray.

Nana in stills from 'Kill It'
Photo Credit: Xportsnews

The other set of stills show Nana and Jang Ki-yong taking a walk together, displaying easy chemistry. Jang Ki-yong plays Kim Soo-hyun, a veterinarian with a sinister past. The stills are intriguing because Kim is expected to be at odds with Detective Do, but the two seem more like friends.

Speaking of the atmosphere on the sets and his chemistry with Nana, Jang Ki-yong said, “We are very comfortable with each other and have grown closer during the shooting. There are a lot of tiring scenes but the energy we have on set helps. We’ll work hard to give you a great show.”

On the experience of working with Jang, Nana says, “Jang Ki-yong is thoughtful and receptive to my opinions. Our chemistry is good on the set, and I hope it can translate well on screen too.”

Kill It is directed by Nam Sung-woo. It will premiere on March 23.

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