‘Kill It’ holds press conference, ready to air first episode

On March 18, cable network OCN held a press conference for its newest series Kill It, which stars Nana and Jang Ki-yong as a persistent detective and a killer-turned-veterinarian, respectively.

The thriller, which will premiere on Saturday, tells the story of a star detective looking for a serial killer and mysterious vet navigating dangerous situations as they meet and get closer to each other. Although a story involving assassins is common in Korean television, the local entertainment industry has yet to master such dark themes, according to Nam Sung-woo, the show’s director.

During the event which was held in Le Méridien Seoul, PD Nam (100 Days My Prince) spoke about the visuals of the series and pointed out how both Nana and Jang Ki-yong really suited the needs of the production. He said, “I thought about the show’s visuals. I’ve worked with a lot of top actors, and it did stress me out trying to find the right fit for the characters. But when I saw the actors’ shots during a meeting, I thought they would blend in with the overall look of the drama.” He continued, “The same is true with the scenes. Both actors look sleek, so the action scenes are somewhat refreshing. You can also see it with the stills.”

Nana and Jang Ki-yong pose for photographs during press conference for 'Kill It'
Nana and Jang Ki-yong pose for photographs during the press conference for ‘Kill It’ on March 18. (Photo Credit: Xportsnews)

Jang Ki-yong also talked during the event, describing how he prepared for his role, someone described as tender to animals but aloof with people. “I watched a lot of killer dramas and movies, and I worked hard to make a new persona as a killer. I talked with the director a lot. I consulted a lot of people, including the martial arts director. I wanted to make it seem more natural.” The actor’s character juggles his official job treating animals and his off-the-books profession as an exceptional hitman. In a recent teaser from the drama, he has a lot of actions scenes.

Nana talked about her preparations as well. “I practiced with the action school a lot.” She also mentioned that she worked hard to make her action scenes more stylish to fit the overall theme of the show. Nana’s character is determined to capture a serial killer she believes is responsible for the death of her boyfriend. The serial killer’s identity is yet unknown, causing the excitement in the viewers to mount up as they guess whether her character and Jang’s will end up as friends or enemies.

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