Kdrama Newsbrief Daily: September 20, 2017


SBS released a new trailer for While You Were Sleeping which is related to the first one revealed two weeks ago. The first half of the video shows Lee Jong-suk’s character emphasizing that he’s a prosecutor whose job is to take care of a case after it happens, not before it occurs. It reveals his initial refusal to believe the psychic ability of Suzy’s character and to cooperate with her. In the second half, however, he changes his mind and eventually asks for her help. The 1-minute teaser also introduces actors Lee Sang-yeob and Shin Jae-ha who are playing an acquaintance and a younger brother, respectively, to Lee Jong-suk’s character. While You Were Sleeping is a supernatural romance drama about a woman who can predict horrible events that are about to happen to other people through her dreams and a prosecutor who will help her to prevent her premonitions from becoming real. It will premiere on September 27.


Two new posters for 20th Century Boy and Girl are released, featuring Han Ye-seul and Kim Ji-seok in a couple shot and the rest of the main cast — Ryu Hyun-kyung, Lee Sang-hee, Lee Sang-woo, An Se-ha, and Oh Sang-jin — in a group picture that was shot at a rooftop bar on the hills of Seoul. The upcoming drama follows three single women in their mid-thirties and depicts their growth as they experience love, friendship, and family bonds. It will air on MBC every Monday and Tuesday starting September 25.


New stills are out for tvN’s upcoming drama Avengers Social Club. They feature Lee Yo-won‘s (Night Light) character, Kim Jung-hye, daughter of a rich family who organizes and leads a club that aims to carry out revenge plans against individuals who betrayed her and her members. For her part, the target is her husband. Joining her in the club are Ra Mi-ran (The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop), Myung Se-bin (First Love Again), and U-KISS member Jun. The upcoming series will air on the Wednesday-Thursday slot currently occupied by Criminal Minds beginning October 11.

Avengers Social Club Stills for Lee Yo-won


Go Hyun-jung has been courted by SBS to play the lead role in Return, a mystery-thriller drama about the search for the truth of a murder case involving the children of rich upper-class families. The actress previously appeared in the award-winning drama Dear My Friends and is now considering to portray Choi Jae-hye, a lawyer and MC of a legal-themed TV program called Return. Return will be directed by PD Park Yong-soon of last year’s Wanted and written by Choi Kyung-mi. It is labeled as a Wednesday-Thursday drama but the air date has yet to be set.

Go Hyun-jung

Actress Jeon Mi-seon (Chicago Typewriter) joined the cast of Don’t Trust Her, an upcoming legal series on KBS about an ace female prosecutor, played by Jung Ryeo-won, who leads a special team dealing with sexual crimes against women and children. She is up to play a psychiatrist, a role probably related to Yoon Hyun-min’s psychiatrist-turned-prosecutor character.

Jeon Mi-seon

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