Kdrama Newsbrief Daily: September 19, 2017

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SBS released an official statement today announcing its decision to drop the production of Four Men, a mystery romance drama that already confirmed Park Hae-jin (Man to Man), After School’s Nana (The Good Wife), Kwak Si-yang (Chicago Typewriter), and Kyung Su-jin (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo) as the leads. The network cited problems with scheduling of the show and announced that it will not proceed with the production of the drama. As a result, PD Oh Jin-seok of My Sassy Girl and Yong-pal also dropped out of the project, leaving the drama without a director and a broadcaster. It is unclear now whether or not Four Men will be picked up by other TV stations. The series was first announced last May and was planned as a pre-produced show that is slated begin filming in November.

Nana in talks to romance Park Hae-jin in 'Four Men'


SBS released more character posters for the upcoming While You Were Sleeping, the fantasy romance drama headlined by popular stars Lee Jong-suk (W-Two Worlds) and Bae Suzy (Uncontrollably Fond). Their own character posters were released yesterday, so the new ones are for supporting cast Lee Sang-yeob, Go Sung-hee, and Jung Hae-inWhile You Were Sleeping will premiere on September 27.

The first main poster for OCN’s Black is out. It is no different from the character posters in terms of the concept, showing the ever-confident grim reaper Song Seung-heon (Saimdang) and the frightened death-psychic Go Ara (Hwarang) against a backdrop of shadowy figures representing the souls. The upcoming fantasy drama, which will premiere on October 14, will tell the love story and adventures of the couple who have broken the preset rules that must be followed by the soul-collecting community.

Black Poster 3

tvN’s This Life Is Our First released three posters featuring its leads Lee Min-ki, Jung So-min, Kim Min-seok, Kim Ga-eun, Park Byung-eun, and Esom. The new romantic comedy series will depict in a realistic way the problems facing today’s generation and their view on jobs, relationships, and marriage. Lee Min-ki is described as a “house-poor” man in his 30s who has a degree in design and works at an IT firm while Jung So-min is a “homeless” woman who will share a room with him. Two posters are out to feature the main couple while the other one shows Kim Min-seok and Park Byung-eun together with their respective partners. This Life Is Our First will premiere on October 9, replacing currently airing Argon on Mondays and Tuesdays.


KBS revealed the first teaser of its upcoming series Mad Dog starring Yoo Ji-tae (The Good Wife), Woo Do-hwan (Save Me) and Ryu Hwa-young (My Father Is Strange). The upcoming series will take over the Wednesday-Thursday slot on October 9 and will center around a team of investigators who will go after scammers that victimize large companies.


Andante conducted its press conference today at Amoris Hall in Time Square in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul. The new teen drama from KBS1 (take note that KBS 2 is a different channel, which is always referred to in Kdramapal articles simply as KBS) stars EXO’s Kai as a high schooler who finds new adventures and life for himself when his family moves to the countryside from Seoul. The first four individuals in the photo below are, from left to right, PD Park Ki-ho, Kai, Kim Jin-kyung, and Lee Ye-hyun. A 16-episode completely pre-produced drama that was originally scheduled to premiere on September 10, Andante will be airing every Sunday at 10 am KST starting September 24.

Andante Press Conference Stills

Temperature of Love started off its broadcast last night with a single-digit rating of 7.1 %. Although it increased to 8.0 % in the second episode, the numbers are somewhat disappointing because they pale in comparison with the double-digit viewership enjoyed by its predecessor, Falsify, on its first night. 

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