KBS2’s ‘Secret Royal Inspector’ unveils Kim Myung-soo’s transformation in first stills

Upcoming sageuk (historical drama) Secret Royal Inspector has dropped the initial photos of Kim Myung-soo (also INFINITE’s L) all suited up as a charismatic investigator.

Secret Royal Inspector is described as a delightful comedy-mystery-investigative drama that will tell the story of Joseon’s royal investigators who are handpicked by the king to help eradicate corruption and injustice within the kingdom’s provinces. They are tasked to listen to the people’s pleas and unravel cases of abuse and misuse of power while keeping their identities a secret.

One man who has found himself becoming one of the king’s eyes and ears is Sung Yi-gyum (Kim Myung-soo, Welcome), a state examination first placer who does not have goals and ambitions and lacks interest in any of the country’s affairs. He works at the Hongmungwan or the Office of Special Advisors, Joseon’s administrative and research department. One day, he gets caught giving in to his gambling tendencies and is sentenced to work as an undercover officer as punishment. As he adjusts to his new job, he enlists the help of Hong Da-in (Kwon Na-ra, Itaewon Class), a highly skilled inspector disguised as a courtesan, and Park Chun-sam (Lee Yi-kyung, Welcome to Waikiki 2), Yi-gyum’s chatty yet affectionate servant.

Kim Myung-soo in Secret Royal Inspector

The freshly released character stills seem to showcase Yi-gyum’s personality. As one of the king’s officials, he has to bring out his confident and tough self to get the job done. However, there is still an air of tenderness in his eyes, teasing that while he may be unforgiving when it comes to wrongdoers, he can still be soft-hearted. The images are therefore raising curiosity on how Kim Myung-soo will bring his character to life and how Yi-gyum’s story will unfold.

Secret Royal Inspector, directed by Kim Jung-min and written by Park Sung-hoon and Kang Min-sun, is slated to greet the viewers as KBS2’s newest Monday-Tuesday drama in December.

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