KBS2 drama ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ unveils first look at Na In-woo as On Dal

After confirming that rising star Na In-woo is set to replace Ji Soo as the lead actor in KBS2’s River Where the Moon Rises, the ongoing drama has now released a first look at the Mr. Queen actor as he transforms into his new character.

The sageuk (historical drama) has also revealed that Na’s appearance will come earlier than originally planned. Victory Contents, the Korean drama production company behind River Where the Moon Rises, announced on March 5 that Na was slated to greet the viewers beginning episode 9, but recent efforts on reshooting and editing upcoming episodes has made it possible for the 26-year-old actor to join the cast in the airing of episode 7 today, March 8.

Along with this exciting development, the drama has dropped its first set of stills of Na In-woo as he takes over the role of On Dal. In the first two photos, Na perfectly embodies every detail of On Dal’s physical characteristics─long hair tied into a messy half bun with his signature fringe parted at the middle, worn-out clothes, and a slightly grubby yet pleasant and pure face. On the other hand, the third photo presents an upgraded look of the male protagonist. On Dal’s neatly combed hair, silk clothing, clean mien, and serious expression all hint of his impending 180-degree shift from his past status as an easygoing commoner to an unshakable and charismatic high-ranking general. Just how Na In-woo will portray this radical transformation is currently bringing viewers great anticipation for the next episodes.

Na In-woo in River Where the Moon Rises

“In order to show viewers a high-quality drama, we decided to accelerate the appearance of Na In-woo. For this, we would like to express our gratitude to the entire cast and crew who have come together and made this possible. We hope you wait for the seventh broadcast and watch Na In-woo, who was admired from the first moment he appeared in front of the camera and made everyone at the [filming] set say, ‘It is On Dal.'”

River Where the Moon Rises a fictional adaptation of the popular Korean urban legend about Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So-hyun, The Tale of Nokdu) and On Dal. Episode 7 of the Monday-Tuesday drama will air on KBS2 at 9:30 p.m. KST today as well as on Viki and Viu a few hours after the local broadcast.

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