KBS romcom “Fight For My Way” releases third teaser

KBS’s upcoming drama Fight For My Way starring Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won released its third teaser. This another sneak peek video reveals more about the love-hate relationship between the two lead characters.

Fight For My Way Poster

In contrast with the previous teasers released by the network, this teaser establishes the romantic link between the lead characters. These two are Go Dong-man, played by Park Seo-joon (Hwarang) and Choi Ae-ra, played by the Kim Ji-won (Descendants of the Sun). Choi Ae-ra is a young woman aspiring to be a news anchor but is stuck as an information desk attendant at a department store. Meanwhile, Go Dong-man is a former star player of Taekwondo who became a mixed martial arts fighter.

The relationship between the two characters seems to progress in the succeeding teasers The first teaser focuses on their cute playful fights like biting each other and pulling each other’s hair while the second one points out their platonic relationship as both Go Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra refuse to act romantically like how their couple friends do during their group lunch. But how can there be just friendship between a man and a woman? The latest teaser hints on a deeper relationship between the two. In fact, their closeness is sometimes going beyond the limit. In the teaser, Go Dong-man, who just went out the bathroom, gets caught off-guard when he unexpectedly sees Choi Ae-ra standing in the kitchen while looking at him. He then warns her not to get into his house whenever she wants. It is also extra sweet for Choi Ae-ra to use an arm pillow from her “friend”, Go Dong-man. Towards the end of the third teaser,  Go Dong-man rescues Choi Ae-ra who gets into trouble with a group of men and says, “From now on, tell people that you have a boyfriend.

The romantic-comedy drama Fight For My Way gives us a story of two friends who eventually develop romantic feelings for each other. It will start airing this May 22 every Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 Korean Standard Time.

Watch the three teasers below:




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