KBS releases still images from “School 2017”

KBS released the first set of still images from its upcoming youth drama School 2017, the seventh installment of the network’s youth franchise that began in 1999. The images feature the main cast of the drama in their school uniform — Kim Se-jeong, Kim Jung-hyun, and Jang Dong-yoon. They were taken during the first day of filming for the drama in Seoul, South Korea.

In the drama, Kim Se-jeong of girl group Gugudan portrays the character of Ra Eun-ho, a cheerful student with good grades and a talent for drawing webtoons. This drama marks her first leading role in a television series. She is joined by rookie actors Kim Jung-hyun (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) and Jang Dong-yoon (Solomon’s Perjury). Kim Jung-hyun’s role is a rude, prideful student who transfers from the United States and causes trouble in their school. Jang Dong-yoon, meanwhile, is playing a student body president well loved by his classmates. He has the looks, the grades, and almost everything else but parents who care about him.

School 2017, the seventh installment of KBS’s long-running School franchise that started in 1999, centers on high school teens’ lives and struggles. The two most recent installments are Who Are You: School 2015 and School 2013, which both focus on the youth and their school life. School 2013 depicts the problems facing the modern-day Korean students such as bullying, suicide, violence, private tutoring, and even their problematic relationship with their teachers. It starred Lee Jong-suk (W-Two Worlds) and Kim Woo-bin (Uncontrollably Fond) as one of the main cast. Meanwhile, Who Are You: School 2015 incorporates a mystery twist in its plot but still revolves around the lives of three high school students. Its main cast includes Kim So-hyun (Ruler: Master of the Mask), Yook Sung-jae (Goblin), and Nam Joo-hyuk (Bride of the Water God).

School 2017 will air every Mondays and Tuesdays starting July 17, replacing Fight For My Way in its timeslot.


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