Kam Woo-sung is brave king in new stills from upcoming SBS drama ‘Joseon Exorcist’

Joseon Exorcist has revealed a first look at Kam Woo-sung as the main actor transforms into a firm ruler for the upcoming SBS fantasy-thriller series.

Set during the founding years of the era, Joseon Exorcist depicts a bloody war in which the present monarch, King Taejong (Kam Woo-sung, The Wind Blows), and his sons, Prince Chungnyung (Jang Dong-yoon, Search) and Prince Yangnyeong (Park Sung-hoon, Memorials), are forced to protect their people against evil spirits that use human desires to consume the entire kingdom.

In the newly dropped stills, Kam Woo-sung seamlessly melts into his character King Taejong. Proud of how he and his father have reestablished the country, King Taejong is prepared to do whatever it takes to defend it. His determination is reflected in the fierceness of his gaze as he wields a sword in one photo and a bow and arrow in another. His regal appearance and strict methods may give the impression that he lacks empathy towards his people, but his heart is secretly filled with guilt for all the lives that were wasted ever since he ascended to the throne. Thus, when the evil spirits that he previously sealed get resurrected, plague the land, and threaten to destroy his kingdom, King Taejong puts his life on the line for one more gruesome bloodshed.

Kam Woo-sung as King Taejong in Joseon Exorcist

About playing King Taejong, Kam Woo-sung remarked, “I chose the role because I really wanted to portray it. In Joseon Exorcist, Taejong risks his life to save Joseon.” He then added, “The director’s style, as well as the color and atmosphere of the drama, seemed to have blended in well with me. I wanted to work on it as a fan, and I’m having fun filming it.” On the preparations that he did for the drama, Kam shared, “I did my best to prepare for the scenes that required [horseback] riding, sword-fighting, and action. I had an experience in my previous work, so I am shooting without any difficulties.”

Joseon Exorcist is directed by Shin Kyung-soo of Nokdu Flower (2019). The drama targets to premiere in March.

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