Kakao M releases main poster, character posters of ‘A Love So Beautiful’

Kakao M has released the main poster and character posters of A Love So Beautiful that will remind viewers of their first love experience this winter. 

The teen romance drama is an adaptation of the hit Chinese drama in 2017 of the same title that has managed to gather a large fanbase internationally. The Chinese version stars Shen Yue as a high school girl bent on her unrequited love towards her next-door neighbor, who is also their school’s top student, played by Hu Yitian. Meanwhile, the Korean remake will star So Joo-yeon, WEi’s Kim Yo-han, and Yeo Hoe-hyun.

The news of the drama’s Korean remake received favorable and excited reactions from fans worldwide, along with Kakao M’s choice of cast. On December 15, Kakao M finally unveiled the main poster of the drama, featuring lead couple Kim Yo-han and So Joo-yeon as Cha Heon and Shin Sol-yi. The two are standing against the backdrop of a forest road lit by warm sunlight. Sol-yi looks lovingly at Cha Heon and smiles brightly, as if overjoyed to see her first love. Cha Heon is also looking at her with longing in his eyes, as if holding back an emotion from deep inside him. In the middle of the poster is a sentence that reads, “Every moment of my youth has always been with you,” a phrase that reaches out to the viewers, as if telling them of a love story between longtime childhood friends.

A Love So Beautiful Poster 1

Along with the main poster, Kakao M also released the character posters of the three lead stars.

A Love So Beautiful Poster 2

Kim Yo-han is known for his visuals and soothing voice. His character Cha Heon is an aloof, cold, and quiet student who excels in everything he does. As a result, he is always the center of attention, but he does not care about this. He seems indifferent, but in reality, he has a warm heart and just does not know how to express himself. In his poster, the words “And at some point, he started to care.” are written on the right side, indicating his inevitable growing affection for the girl who has always had her eyes on him. This will be Kim’s acting debut, and landing a lead role in a drama with a huge reputation in China is an impressive feat. The singer-turned-actor is a member of the boy group WEi and is the winner of the talent hunt and reality survival program Produce X 101. Kim is expected to add his own charm and deliver a unique portrayal of the series’ lead character.

A Love So Beautiful Poster 3

On the other hand, So Joo-yeon is set to play Shin Sol-yi, a bright and bubbly girl who has been in love with Cha Heon for a long time. In her poster are the words “I’ll find a way for you to like me,” as if telling a message to Cha Heon. So Joo-yeon’s innocent charm resonates with Sol-yi’s cheerful personality well. The viewers can look forward to her lovable character who consistently radiates positive energy. Aside from A Love So Beautiful, So has also been cast in the upcoming romance drama Lovestruck in the City, another KakaoTV series scheduled to air this December 22. The actress was last seen in second season of the hit medical drama Dr. Romantic (2020).

A Love So Beautiful Poster 4

Meanwhile, Yeo Hoe-hyun plays the role of Woo Dae-sung, a talented swimmer who transferred to Sol-yi and Cha Heon’s school. He is playful, hardworking, and harbors a secret admiration towards Sol-yi and quietly stays at her side. In his poster are the words that read, “Actually, I want you to know that I like you a lot,” a message directed towards Sol-yi. As expected, he will be Sol-yi’s second love interest who will add conflict to the story. The series will be Yeo’s reunion project with So after working together in I Hate Going to Work (2019). The actor last starred in Leverage (2019).

A Love So Beautiful will be produced in 24 episodes, with a 20-minute run for each episode. It will air every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday on KakaoTV starting on December 28th at 5 p.m. KST.

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