KBS confirmed on August 10 the premiere date of its coming-of-age drama, Andante, a completely pre-produced series starring EXO-K member Kai (First Seven Kisses) and rookie actress Lee Ye-hyun (Cold Case Provisional Task Force). The drama will air every Sundays at 10 AM on KBS1 beginning September 10, 2017.

The cast of the drama also includes Baek Chul-min, Kim Jin-kyung, Sung Byoung-sook, Jeon Mi-sun and Kim Kwang-sik. Andante centers on a high school student named Lee Shi-kyung, played by Kai, who moves to the countryside with his family and discovers a mysterious school and new life for himself. KBS World released two teasers of the drama in March and it took over four months before the network confirmed its actual airing date. It was directed by PD Park Ki-ho of Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek and written by Park Sun-ja and Kwon Ki-kyung who worked together on the popular youth series Sharp.

Andante Stills
Photo Credit: KBS via TVREPORT

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