K-pop star Hani of EXID cast in web drama ‘XX’

Hani, a member of the girl group EXID, has been cast in her very first web drama titled XX which marks her foray into acting.

XX is the newest project by Lee Seul, who has previously written hit web dramas like The Love Playlist and This Flower-like Ending. Its story takes place at a speakeasy bar with exclusive membership. A refreshing take on the lives of people in love will be shown in the drama. There will also be a revenge plot to make the show more interesting.

Hani will be playing the role of Yoon Na-na, the head bartender at the speakeasy bar. She is very popular there and aims to acquire the bar in the future. She presents a cold exterior to the world but struggles to hide her kind heart in front of customers who come to her with stories of heartbreak. Hani, who was known for her sexy on-stage but cute off-stage charms as an idol, is expected to play this character to perfection.

Actor Hwang Seung-eon will be playing Hani’s ex-best friend Lee Ru-mi. An incident five years ago led them to cut ties with each other. Hwang’s character is financially well-off, and thus enjoys success despite her young age. She also comes across as arrogant while hiding a weak heart underneath.

In addition, actor Lee Jong-won will play Hani’s best friend and potential love interest in the show.

XX will have a total of 10 episodes and premiere in January 2020.

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