K-PLUS to exclusively air new military romance drama ‘Oh My Captain’

Cable TV channel K-PLUS will exclusively broadcast new primetime series Oh My Captain for K-drama fans in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia!

Oh My Captain is an 8-episode drama with an unconventional concept—it is set in South Korea where all citizens, including women, have to serve the two-year mandatory military service currently reserved for men. The story takes place in an all-female mobilization reserve division and features an exciting mix of cast including actress Ha Yeon-joo (Left-handed Wife) and former K-pop idols turned actors Kim Dong-hyun (Good Morning Double-Decker Bus), Kim Ye-won (Class of Lies), Jei (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency), and Jeon Min-ju.

Oh My Captain Poster
Promotional poster for Oh My Captain

The show revolves around Captain Cha Song-joo (Ha Yeon-joo) a decorated female soldier with a fierce temperament. She is up for a promotion when Captain Kim Soo-hyun (Kim Dong-hyun) arrives at the camp, causing her fellow soldiers to swoon over his charm. Captain Cha is focused on her goal to rank-up and does not appreciate the distraction. Captain Kim, however, starts to have a crush on her and later on discovers a secret about her.

There’s also Private Sul-jung (Kim Ye-won), a Taekwondo degree holder with a rebellious attitude who is crushing on Captain Kim. She uncovers the captain’s past relationship with Corporal An Ji-won (Jei), a soldier from an elite and rich family who studied with Captain Kim in the US. An and Kim meet again when she volunteers for military service at the same camp.

Private Choi Seo-hyun (Jeon Min-ju) is a former member of an idol girl group who has joined the military later than other people. Due to this, she gets constantly picked on by other soldiers, including Private Sul-jung, especially when she gets caught up in a scandal with Captain Kim.

Oh My Captain will air on K-PLUS every Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in Indonesia and 8:00 p.m. in the Philippines and Malaysia beginning May 12. Encore runs will be every Saturday and Sunday at 8:15 p.m. in Indonesia and 9:15 pm in the other two countries.


About K-PLUS

K-PLUS is a Singapore-based pay-TV channel that brings together many exclusive dramas and variety shows, directly from major Korean TV broadcasters to its audience in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has English and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles for all of its programs. Some of its recent primetime series include My Strange Hero, Confession, I Hate Going to Work, Level Up, Graceful Family, Pegasus Market, and When the Weather is Fine, among others.

The channel is available on USEETV IndiHome and DENSTV in Indonesia, Astro GO in Malaysia, and SKY Cable in the Philippines.

Source: Press Release from K-PLUS

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