K-PLUS to broadcast JTBC’s ‘Sweet Munchies’ starring Jung Il-woo, Kang Ji-young, Lee Hak-joo

K-drama fans in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia are in for a sugary treat as K-PLUS will be broadcasting the new series Sweet Munchies just a few hours after it airs on JTBC, according to the cable TV channel’s official press release.  

Sweet Munchies, also known as Late Night Snack Man and Woman, features lead stars Jung Il-woo (Haechi), Lee Hak-joo (The World of the Married), and former Kara member Kang Ji-young. It is a romantic comedy drama about an atypical love triangle in which a man and a woman fight over the same man. The series is helmed by director Song Ji-won (The King 2hearts) and screenwriter Park Seung-hye (A Man Called God).

Sweet Munchies Main Poster
Main Poster for Sweet Munchies (K-PLUS)

Jung Il-woo plays the character Park Jin-sung, a passionate chef and owner of the late-night snack restaurant BISTRO72. Despite his hardwork, Jin-sung gets scammed out of money and finds himself on the verge of closing down his business. Meanwhile, production director Kim Ah-jin (Kang Ji-young), a regular customer at BISTRO72, comes up with the idea of a talk show where a gay chef fixes midnight snacks as her last project before her contract ends.

To earn money for his father’s medical fees and to revive his restaurant, Jin-sung ends up posing as a gay chef to join the program. Contrary to their low expectations, Ah-jin’s pilot show becomes a great hit and gets an official season order. As the show goes on, Ah-jin starts to have feelings for the supposed “gay” Jin-sung while Kang Tae-wan (Lee Hak-joo), the designer sponsoring the show, also grows a crush on him.

K-PLUS has also shared a 30-second trailer for the drama which opens with Jin-sung urging his customers to enjoy their meal, followed by zoomed-in clips of the different mouth-watering dishes he prepares for them. The mood then shifts as the next scenes show a problematic Jin-sung and a crying Ah-jin who seem to have found each other while they are both going through a rough phase in their lives. Tae-wan enters the picture and makes himself present in times when Jin-sung shares his cooking with an intimate group of people or when he celebrates the small victories in his life. The teaser closes with Ah-jin excitedly arriving at BISTRO72 and calling, “Chef Park!” to which Jin-sung replies while smiling, “Come on in.”

Trailer for Sweet Munchies

Sweet Munchies is set to air on JTBC every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST beginning May 25. International fans can catch it on K-PLUS every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. (Indonesia) and 9:15 p.m. (Philippines and Malaysia) starting May 26. Encore runs will be on Sundays at 9:30 p.m. in Indonesia and 10:30 p.m. in the other two countries.

About K-PLUS

K-PLUS is a Singapore-based pay-TV channel that brings together many exclusive dramas and variety shows, directly from major Korean TV broadcasters to its audience in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It has English and Bahasa Indonesia subtitles for all of its programs. Some of its recent prime-time series include My Strange Hero, Confession, I Hate Going to Work, Level Up, Graceful Family, Pegasus Market, and When the Weather Is Fine, among others.

The channel is available on USEETV IndiHome, MAXstream, and DENSTV in Indonesia, Astro GO in Malaysia, and SKY Cable in the Philippines.

Source: Press Release from K-PLUS

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