Jung Woo, Oh Yeon-seo become smashing duo in ‘The Crazy Guy in This District’ main poster, teaser

Lead stars Jung Woo and Oh Yeon-seo have turned into all things mad in the main poster and video teaser for The Crazy Guy in This District.

A KakaoTV original series, The Crazy Guy in This District follows two emotionally unstable people who find comfort and companionship in each other’s wild side. It stars Jung Woo (Reply 1994) as detective Noh Whee-oh and Oh Yeon-seo (Love With Flaws) as a delusional and compulsive woman named Lee Min-kyung.

The main poster features a messy parking lot scene where Lee Min-kyung and Noh Whee-oh crouch together on top of a scrapped car. Whee-oh puts on his resting irritated face and points a baseball bat at the camera, while Min-kyung sits beside him, her threatening expression and boyish pose clashing in all directions with her floral attire and incredibly adorable pet. The poor car has yellow parking tickets plastered all over it, and the “no parking” sign is plunged straight through one of the windows. To put into words what exactly Whee-oh and Min-kyung’s relationship is or what it is that they do, the front plate says, “Mad for each other,” and the poster’s caption warns, “If you mess with me, you die.”

The Crazy Guy in This District main poster

Meanwhile, the video teaser shows a prelude to the chaotic scene in the main poster. It opens to the same parking area where a particular black car is parked clumsily. A thrilling countdown flashes on the screen and when it finally approaches D-day, Noh Whee-oh comes raging out of nowhere and begins taking his anger out on the vehicle. He is known to be a competent detective of the Gangnam Police Station, but one incident has transformed him into a ticking bomb that explodes at every sighting of a violation.

Lee Min-kyung enters the frame, clutching a cute puppy in one hand while dragging a “no parking” sign in the other. Just as when one would think she is harmless and calm, she downright stabs the car’s hood with a pole. Min-kyung and Whee-oh then dramatically look at the camera and stand proudly on top of the wrecked car as if they have just served one delinquent the punishment that they deserve.

The Crazy Guy in This District is helmed by director Lee Tae-gon of Diary of a Prosecutor (2019) and consists of 13 half-hour episodes. It is slated to air every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday beginning May 24 at 7 p.m. KST.

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