Jung So-min in talks along with Jo Byung-gyu to star in new historical drama

Jung So-min is being courted to headline a new historical series tentatively titled Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi.

In response to news reports that the actress will be taking on a new project, Blossom Entertainment, Jung’s agency, clarified, “Jung So-min received a proposal to appear in the upcoming drama Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi. She is currently reviewing the offer.”

Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi will tell the story of royal secret agents who, while undercover, go around the kingdom’s provinces to unravel cases of corruption and misuse of power. It will center on a troublesome inspector and a strong-willed woman who will work together in investigating a huge conspiracy.

Jung So-min, who last graced the small screen in Soul Mechanic (2020), is being roped in to portray Kim Jo-yi, a realist and a Joseon woman who has modern ideals. She strongly believes that, if they want to, people should be able to get divorced. Having to live during a time when women are not allowed to include their names in the family registry, she dreams of getting a fresh start as a single woman.

Potentially joining the actress is The Uncanny Counter lead star Jo Byung-gyu, who was recently reported to have also received an offer for the drama. If the actor accepts the casting proposal, he will give life to Ra Yi-eon, the youngest of the royal secret agents and a bright scholar who does not have any goals in life.

Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi is reportedly working to finish its casting process and will proceed to filming right after.

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