Jung Kyung-ho, Park Sung-woong compose terrifying tunes in ‘When The Devil Calls Your Name’ poster

When The Devil Calls Your Name continues to rev up its promos for its premiere with the release of a brand new poster that features lead actors Jung Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong.

In the poster, Jung Kyung-ho (Life On Mars) and Park Sung-woong (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) are shown sporting black and white in a nod to their roles as a human who signs a contract with a devil, and a devil who possesses a human body, respectively. The two are posing with a grand piano, with Jung seemingly playing a song and Park whispering ominously in his ear. The real forms of these two men are reflected on the piano’s cover—Jung, aged considerably with white hair and wrinkles; and Park, smoldering in his devil avatar with fiery eyes and an evil smile.

When The Devil Calls Your Name Poster

The show revolves around the Faustian theme of a human signing his life/soul to the devil in exchange for mastery in his art. When The Devil Calls Your Name, however, comes with a twist—a redemption arc for the human, who, after discovering that his years of prosperity came at the cost of another’s misfortune, resolves to make amends and enters into a dangerous game with the devil.

Previously, the show had dropped still cuts of the two actors and a teaser featuring Jung Kyung-ho. Both promotional materials have promised the fans a dark and intense tale of the classic angel vs. devil clash. Though this time, the angel character appears more grey than white.

When The Devil Calls Your Name will premiere on July 31, taking over the Wednesday-Thursday 9:30 pm time slot currently occupied by Im Soo-jung’s Search: WWW.

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