JTBC’s upcoming drama ‘Snowdrop’ reveals main cast lineup

JTBC’s highly anticipated political melodrama Snowdrop has confirmed stars Jung Hae-in, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (Kim Ji-soo), Jang Seung-jo, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-yoon, and Jung Yoo-jin as its promising main cast.

Set in 1987, Snowdrop is based on a memoir of a man who broke out from a factional prison camp in North Korea. After getting wounded in a tear gas explosion, he seeks refuge at an all-girls’ dormitory in Seoul, where a student finds him and later on tends to him. Their tragic tale begins when the man, who is actually an armed spy, is made to choose between doing the mission his motherland has entrusted him or being with the love of his life who saved him.  

Jung Hae-in (A Piece of Your Mind) has signed up to play Lim Su-ho, a graduate student from a prestigious university. His charismatic personality and sweet smile are adored by everyone who knows him. However, he gets caught up in a tight spot and is forced to recuperate inside a dormitory at Hosoo Women’s University in Seoul. There, he meets Eun Young-cho, played by Kim Ji-soo (Arthdal Chronicles), a freshman. Aside from her lovely charms and pretty face, Young-cho’s bright aura lights up room 207. One day, she and her roommate found an injured Su-ho within the perimeter of the female’s dormitory. Young-cho decides to take him in and hide him despite the strict security around the campus, later on realizing that he is the guy she developed a crush on at a social gathering. While helping him recover, Young-cho finds herself falling even deeper for the secretive guy.

Joining Jung and Kim in the official roll of power cast are: Jang Seung-jo (The Good Detective) as Lee Kang-moo, the fearless head of National Intelligence Service (NIS)’s Team 1 who hates compromises in any situation; Yoon Se-ah (Stranger 2) as Pi Seung-hee, the well-known strict and terrorizing residence hall director of Young-cho’s dorm; Kim Hye-yoon (Extraordinary You) as Kye Bun-ok, a telephone operator at the university whose financial instability kept her from getting a college education; and Jung Yoo-jin (Catch the Ghost) as Jang Han-na, a passionate but overly impulsive and hot-blooded NIS agent working alongside Kang-moo.

According to the production crew behind the series, “Featuring a pool of actors with impressive acting skills and unparalleled visuals, we will greet the eager viewers with an intricately detailed work.”

Snowdrop will be helmed by director Jo Hyun-tak of Secret Healer (2016) and penned by screenwriter Yoo Hyun-mi of Golden Cross (2014), who also teamed up in spearheading the hit series SKY Castle (2018–2019).

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