JTBC unveils main cast of new drama ‘Idol: The Coup’

EXID’s Hani (Not Yet 30), Kwak Si-yang (Alice), and Kim Min-kyu (Minkyu, Pop Out Boy!) will be leading the cast of JTBC’s upcoming drama Idol: The Coup!

Idol: The Coup will follow the story of failed idols who are desperately struggling to get a single success for them to “disband.” It is a special story of how young people finally let go of their dreams and grow into individuals who are ready to take courageous steps to pursue another goal despite the challenges.

Hani will play Kim Je-na, a member of Cotton Candy, a girl group that is considered a failure even after their six-year journey. Meanwhile, Kwak will take on the role of Cha Jae-hyuk, the cold and calculating CEO of Starpeace Entertainment, the agency handling Cotton Candy. Minkyu will portray the character Seo Ji-han, a member of the popular boy group called Mas, which is also signed under Starpeace Entertainment.

In addition, a team of professional producers, artists, and creators is in charge of the music and performances that will be presented in the drama. 

Idol: The Coup is slated to premiere in the second half of the year. The production will be spearheaded by Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers (2013) and Clean With Passion for Now (2018–2019) director Noh Jong-chan and Misaeng: Incomplete Life (2014) and The Bride of Habaek (2017) writer Jung Yoon-jung.

The drama is an American-Korean joint production by Transparent Arts, Take2 Media Group, and JTBC Studios.

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