JTBC unveils first promos of Jeon Do-yeon, Ryu Jun-yeol’s ‘Human Disqualification’

JTBC has dropped the initial teaser and posters of its upcoming 10th-anniversary special project Human Disqualification.

Human Disqualification follows Bu-jeong (Jeon Do-yeon, The Good Wife), a woman who has slowly been losing her way and has yet to become anything, and Kang-jae (Ryu Jun-yeol, Lucky Romance), a man who is afraid to become nothing as he slowly approaches the end of his youth. The drama will depict the heartbreaking stories of ordinary people who have spent their entire lives doing their best to see the spotlight despite reaching half of their journey without having really achieved anything.

The drama’s first teaser is set in a plain white background. It shows Jeon, Ryu, Park Byung-eun (Oh My Baby), Kim Hyo-jin (Private Lives), and Park Ji-young (When I Was the Most Beautiful), and Yang Dong-geun (365: Repeat the Year). The video begins with the actors sitting down one by one. They then read out loud what the drama is about. 

In an exchange of lines, the clip says, “What kind of life would people want to live if people’s lives were divided into two: the life of light and the life of darkness? Of course, we would all do our best to choose the path [that leads] to a bright life. A life that somehow endures and endures and tries to live in the present reality. But Human Disqualification poses the question, ‘What if you could live a life that is different from your original [one]? [This drama] will tell the stories of those who stand in the middle of darkness, not light. We would like to tell you the most ordinary daily stories of those who walk the dark path, despite it not being the easiest choice.”

The production also released black-and-white teaser posters featuring lead stars Jeon Do-yeon and Ryu Jun-yeol. They are photographed while looking up, as if in search of hope. The text on the images says, “I want to disappear; I want to live,” echoing the internal battle and complex emotions of their characters.

Jeon Do-yeon in Human Disqualification teaser poster
Ryu Jun-yeol in Human Disqualification teaser poster

Human Disqualification is slated for broadcast in September.

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