JTBC starts promoting ‘Welcome To Waikiki 2’ with script reading stills

With one month to go before its premiere, JTBC has started releasing promotional materials for its upcoming series Welcome to Waikiki 2, the first of which are stills from the script reading of the production team which took place on January 21, 2019, at the JTBC building in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

Lead actors Lee Yi-kyung, Kim Sun-ho, and Shin Hyun-soo attended the table read.

Main cast of Welcome To Waikiki 2 during their script reading

Welcome to Waikiki 2 is the sequel to Welcome to Waikiki (also known as Eulachacha Waikiki), a comedy series about three young men who run a guesthouse called Waikiki in the hope of financing their own film project. Realizing their ambition seems an impossible task since the guesthouse venture is unprofitable and things become complicated when a single mother arrives at Waikiki with her baby. Actors Kim Jung-hyun (Time), Lee Yi-kyung (Children of Nobody), and Son Seung-won (Age of Youth 2) played the trio of hopefuls, while actress Jung In-sun (Terius Behind Me) portrayed the single mom.

The first season of the series was broadcast from February 5 to April 17, 2018. About two months after it ended, JTBC renewed it for a second season, which also deals with the friendship, love, and dreams of young individuals. Lee Yi-kyung is the only member from the original cast who has returned to reprise his role, an aspiring actor named Lee Joon-ki.

While the first season features Lee Joon-ki’s college friends, the second season brings in recent high school graduates—an aspiring singer and a baseball player played by Kim Sun-ho (Feel Good To Die) and Shin Hyun-soo (My Golden Life), respectively. Both characters had studied at the same high school and Lee Joon-ki manages to convince them to invest in and help him manage the guesthouse that is still on the verge of bankruptcy.

Welcome To Waikiki Script Reading Stills

Other cast members who were present at the script reading are Mun Ga-young, Ahn So-hee, and Kim Ye-won. Mun (Great Seducer) plays a woman who ends up staying at Waikiki after an unfortunate incident on the day of her wedding. Meanwhile, Ahn (Entourage) plays Joon-ki’s classmate from the theater and film department of their school and Kim (Heart Surgeons) takes on the role of an aspiring chef and older sister of Kim Sun-ho’s character.

Welcome To Waikiki 2 is helmed by the director of the first season, Lee Chang-min, who also directed Man to Man and Remember. It is co-written by Kim Ki-ho and Song Ji-eun who also wrote together the original.

The series will replace Monday-Tuesday drama The Light In Your Eyes, which is expected to end on March 19.

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