JTBC reveals main ‘Age of Youth 2’ posters

Two new posters are out for the second season of Age of Youth that is set to premiere this month. The main Age of Youth 2 posters feature the main cast of the drama and show off their new chemistry. An official from JTBC pointed out this new beautiful bond among the five housemates, saying that the posters show the chemistry between Yoon Jin-myung, Jung Ye-eun, Song Ji-won, Yoo Eun-jae and Jo Eun and that the pleasant smiles of the main cast stand out in the posters.

Just like the first season, Age of Youth 2 centers on five women who live together in a house named Belle Epoque. These five characters are played by Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ji Woo, and Choi A-ra. They are all smiles in the poster below which differs from the posters previously released because of a background with trees and bubbles. Jo Eun, the ‘tall girl’ played by Choi A-ra, stands out in this poster due to her height and attire. She is the new housemate of the four ladies who will occupy the room vacated by Ryu Hwa-young’s character. Only three of the main cast in season one reprised their roles in the sequel, so Choi A-ra’s character was added to the cast and Park Hye-soo’s (Introverted Boss) is being by Ji Woo.

Age of Youth 2 Poster 9

The second poster also shows the women smiling except for Choi A-ra, who has a strange and awkward expression on her face. Her character increases the viewer’s anticipation of a new and exciting chemistry among the five housemates. Aside from her, the new addition to the cast of the second season also includes SHINEE’s Onew (Descendants of the Sun), Kim Min-seok (Defendant), and An Woo-yeon (Circle).

Age of Youth 2 will have its first broadcast at 11 pm on Friday, August 25. It will take the Friday-Saturday slot currently filled up by Woman of Dignity.

Age of Youth 2 Poster 8

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