JTBC releases stills showing Song Joong-ki, Namgoong Min in “Man to Man” episodes

Fans of Man to Man will see Song Joong-ki (Descendants of the Sun) and Nam Goong-min (Chief Kim) in the episodes of the drama that will be airing tonight and tomorrow evening. JTBC released on May 18 the teaser stills showing the two actors playing their respective roles.

Song Joong-ki in Man to Man
Photo Credit: JTBC Drama’s Facebook Page

In one of the photos, Song Joong-ki looks good in his role as a bank employee. In the episode tonight at 11 pm Korean Standard Time, he will be seen interacting with the characters of Park Hae-jin and Park Sung-woong, the main characters of the drama. He will assist Park Hae-jin’s character in borrowing $5 million from Park Sung-woong’s. 

Song Joong-ki was tapped to make a cameo appearance on Man to Man as he worked with writer Kim Won-suk in Descendants of the Sun

Photo Credit: JTBC Drama’s Facebook Page

Meanwhile, Namgoong Min is seen laughing at Park Hae-jin’s character in another photo. He plays the role of a hilarious top star named Nam Gyu-min. His scene will be shown in the 10th episode of the drama tomorrow night.

Namgoong Min worked with Man to Man director Lee Chung-min and actor Park Sung-woong in 2015 for the SBS drama Remember: War of the Sons. He played as the criminal antagonist opposite actors Park and Yoo Seung-ho.

The production staff of the drama praised Song Jong-ki’s and Namgoong Min’s performance, saying that the two actors “readily accepted our requests for them to make cameo appearances and became strong supporting characters. Please look forward to the two actors’ transformations through their skillful performances.”

Man to Man tells the story of a longtime top Hallyu actor, played by Park Sung-woong, who needs a bodyguard and hires a mysterious black ops agent (Park Hae-jin) for the job. Together, they encounter twisty, inevitable circumstances that involve the actor’s fan club president-turned-manager portrayed by Kim Min-jung.

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