JTBC releases “Age of Youth 2” first script reading stills

JTBC released images taken during the first script reading of its upcoming drama Age of Youth 2 which took place on June 7, 2017, at JTBC building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea. The script read was attended by the drama’s main cast, including Han Ye-riHan Seung-yeonPark Eun-binJi Woo, Choi A-ra, Kim Min-seok, and Onew.

The script read for the drama is slightly different as it took place on a stage like a rehearsal instead of the usual reading of the script by the cast members while facing each other around a table. Age of Youth 2 is a youth drama set a year after its first season. It centers on five female college students living together in one house. The original cast playing the five housemates are coming back for the new season except for Ryu Hwa-young, who will only be appearing as a guest, and Park Hye-soo who is unable to come back with the original cast due to scheduling conflicts. Park Hye-soo is replaced by Ji Woo (Three Color Fantasy) and Choi A-ra ( joins the main cast for the five housemates to be complete.

In the new season, Yoon Jin-myung (Han Ye-ri) — the eldest among the five housemates — successfully finds a job after returning from China. Jung Ye-eun (Han Seung-yeon), who took a leave from school due to her abusive ex-boyfriend, returns to the university. Song Ji-won (Park Eun-bin), who has a cheerful personality and is always ready for a drink, has yet to find a boyfriend for herself. Yoo Eun-jae, who is now played by Ji Woo,  is suffering from her breakup with her first love. The four ladies are joined by a new housemate named Jo Eun (Choi A-ra).

Kim Min-seok (Defendant) and Onew (Descendants of the Sun) also attended the script reading. Kim Min-seok will be playing the role of Seo Jang-hoon, Jo Eun’s love interest and the representative of the owner of the house where the main female characters live together while SHINee’s Onew will play the role of Kwon Ho-chang, the love interest of Jung Ye-eun and an engineering student who is innocent when it comes to love and relationships.

Age of Youth 2 will air every Fridays and Saturdays starting August when the currently airing Woman of Dignity conclude its run.

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