JTBC confirms production of ‘The Good Detective 2’

Cable network JTBC has confirmed that the second installment of its crime drama The Good Detective is currently in the works.

An official from JTBC shared, “The drama The Good Detective is preparing for next year’s season 2. Son Hyun-joo and Jang Seung-jo will [return] and start filming in October. The [rest of the] schedule, however, is still undecided.”

The Good Detective centers on the feud between detectives who go through great lengths to uncover the truth and the evil doers who try to cover it up. The series stars Son Hyun-joo (Itaewon Class) as Kang Do-chang, a righteous detective with 18 years of experience who prefers using his connections and experience during investigations, and Jang Seung-jo (Chocolate) as Oh Ji-hyuk, a homicide detective who sticks to gathering evidence and studying criminals to solve cases.

The Good Detective’s 16-episode run was considered a success, having first aired in July 2020 with a 3.897 percent nationwide viewership rating and ending in August with 7.469 percent. Following the good reception received by the first season and its actors, attention is now focused on what kind of story The Good Detective 2 will tell.

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