‘Joseon Exorcist’ confirms casting of Kam Woo-sung, Jang Dong-yoon, Park Sung-hoon, reveals broadcast sched

Upcoming SBS drama Joseon Exorcist plans to bring home entertainment to a whole new level by blending together three genres—fantasy, historical, and action—in one TV show. Even better, the project has cast actors Kam Woo-sung, Jang Dong-yoon, and Park Sung-hoon as its leading trio.

Joseon Exorcist aims to give a fresh take on the Joseon Dynasty’s founding years. The fictional era will see the rise of evil spirits that seek to ruin the kingdom by feeding on and manipulating selfish human desires, eventually forcing people to embark on an abominable bloodshed.

Kam Woo-sung (The Wind Blows) will transform into King Tae-jong, a firm ruler who is prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfill what he and his father had envisioned for the kingdom, even if it would mean abandoning his own flesh and blood. However, deep within him lies a persistent feeling of guilt for all the brutal slaughters he had waged just to keep and strengthen his kingship. When evil spirits from the west, which he previously sealed away, attain resurrection and plague the land, King Tae-jong’s plans begin to fall apart. A new war threatens to break, only this time, he might not be the one who to have the upper hand.

When asked about his role, Kam said, “It is always an exciting and happy experience to work with great actors and an excellent production crew. I am very pleased for this opportunity of appearing in a historical drama after 10 years. We are all pouring our hearts to creating a good work that can provide fun and vitality to the viewers, so please look forward to it.”

Acting alongside Kam is Jang Dong-yoon (Search), who signed up for the role of Prince Chung-nyung. Having only explored the world of books, Prince Chung-nyung will be compelled to face reality in his desperate attempt to save the people of Joseon. The once was undistinguished royal jumps right into chaos and emerges as a true monarch.

“I am very excited and honored to be working with a good director, writer, and seniors. It is a difficult role, but I will use the drama as an avenue to grow more as an actor,” Jang remarked on his next work.

Completing the remarkable lineup is Park Sung-hoon (Memorials) as Crown Prince Yang-nyung, King Tae-jong’s firstborn. Though he may seem to have overflowing confidence, Prince Yang-nyung is always anxious about not getting recognized by his father. He has been trying hard to satisfy the king’s wishes but each time, he ends up feeling inadequate. Upon learning that the king would rather hand the country over to their enemy, years of resentment take over Prince Yang-nyung, pushing him to make a dangerous bargain with the evil spirits.

Park Sung-hoon stated, “Based on my absolute trust with director Shin Kyung-soo [Nokdu Flower], I read the script and was drawn to the fascinating concept by screenwriter Park Gye-ok [Doctor Prisoner]. I will show up on shoots with a [constant hunger] for learning. We are doing our best to create high-quality work, so we ask for your continued anticipation and interest.”

Similarly, the production team behind Joseon Exorcist shared, “The actors and crew have united to produce a creative imagination of a different world. Due to that, you will soon enjoy a unique fantasy-action-historical drama crossbreed you have never seen before.”

Joseon Exorcist is slated to hit the small screen in 2021.

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