Joo Won, Kim Hee-sun’s new sci-fi drama ‘Alice’ to hit the small screen in August

SBS’s upcoming human science-fiction series Alice, starring Joo Won and Kim Hee-sun, has announced to premiere on August 28.

Alice tells the extraordinary tale of two people who were separated by death but are able to meet again by breaking the boundaries of space and time. Humans from the future come to the present through a device called “Alice.” With the aim to prevent casualties from occurring because of “Alice,” the two set out on a quest to unravel the secrets behind time traveling.

Joo Won (My Sassy Girl) has taken on the role of Park Jin-gyum, a detective with congenital apathy. While investigating a mysterious case, he discovers the existence of time travel. Even though he is unable to show emotions, Jin-gyum has been carrying heavy grief in his heart ever since he lost his mother years ago.

Acting opposite Joo Won is renowned actress Kim Hee-sun (Room No. 9), who portrays the roles of Yoon Tae-yi and Park Sun-young, who both resemble Jin-gyum’s deceased mother. Tae-yi is a genius physicist trying to uncover the secret of time travel. Sun-young is a scientist from the future who holds the key to explaining the unnatural phenomenon. After Sun-young’s encounter with Jin-gyum, who believes that fate brought them together again, she joins him in finding out the truth, unknowing that she will also discover her own secrets in the process. The multi-awarded actress is expected to show her incredible talent once again as she transforms into two different women: one is a headstrong fighter in her 20s, and the other, an affectionate woman with maternal love in her 40s.

Alice, which blends science fiction and melodrama, is helmed by Baek Soo-chan of Into the World Again (2017) and is penned by screenwriters Kim Kyu-won, Kang Cheol-kyu, and Kim Ga-young. It is scheduled to air every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. KST, replacing Backstreet Rookie.

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