Jo Soo-min set to appear in SBS’s upcoming drama ‘The Penthouse’

Actress Jo Soo-min (Ending Again) is confirmed to join the cast of SBS’s upcoming drama The Penthouse.

Her agency Awesome ENT said, “Jo Soo-min is currently filming her parts and is determined to show an extended acting spectrum through her character Min Seol-ah with a newly found charm. Please look forward to it.”

The new Monday and Tuesday drama centers on three ambitious women who are prepared to do anything in the name of success. It stars Lee Ji-ah (The Ghost Detective), Kim So-yeon (Mother of Mine), and Eugene (All About My Mom) in the lead roles.

Jo Soo-min is set to appear as Min Seol-ah, an orphan who is gifted with intelligence and talent. She is a math tutor for the students living in the high-end and luxurious penthouse called Hera Palace. However, Seol-ah has lived a life opposite to that of the residents’, who are all wealthy and influential in their fields. As she uncovers their secrets, she is expected to increase the tension and conflict in the story.

The Penthouse is director Joo Dong-min (Return, 2018) and screenwriter Kim Sun-ok’s (Band of Sisters, 2017) reunion project after working together in the series The Last Empress back in 2018. The series is set to premiere on October 26 at 10 p.m. KST, taking over the time slot currently occupied by Do You Like Brahms?

Watch the drama’s first teaser here.

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