Jo Byung-gyu courted to star in new historical drama

It has only been six weeks into The Uncanny Counter (2020), but lead star Jo Byung-gyu is reportedly already receiving proposals for his next television project, industry representatives revealed on January 13.

Jo’s agency HB Entertainment responded to the reports, saying, “Jo Byung-gyu has received an offer to star in the Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi and is reviewing the proposal.”

Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi (literal title) is a historical investigative series about Joseon’s secret royal agents who go undercover and investigate and expose corruption. If he accepts, Jo will be playing the role of Ra Yi-eon (Ryan), a scholar who topped the state exams and the youngest among the secret royal agents. He has the looks and the brains, but he doesn’t have any goals.

Jo Byung-gyu continues to land various roles that test his acting spectrum as a rising actor such as in SKY Castle (2018–2019) and Hot Stove League (2019). Currently, he is playing the main character So Mun in the OCN action-fantasy thriller The Uncanny Counter, which has been seeing a steady rise in ratings every week. Recently, the series made history for surpassing the 10% mark in viewership ratings after its 12th episode recorded a 10.6% log.

Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi will be helmed by PD Yoo Jong-sun and penned by screenwriter Lee Jae-yoon. The series will begin filming after all the cast slots have been filled. It targets to premiere in the second half of 2021.

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