Jin Goo confronts Kim Sung-kyun in ‘Untouchable’ posters

JTBC has begun promoting its upcoming action-thriller drama Untouchable with two teaser posters that show the apparent conflict between the main characters played by Jin Goo and Kim Sung-kyun. The drama, which is set to premiere one month from now, tells the story of two siblings who find themselves in a power battle partly fueled by the death of the younger brother’s wife.

Untouchable Poster a

Jin Goo (Night Light) is playing the younger brother, Jang Joon-seo, the second son of the powerful Jang family that has ruled the fictional city of Bukcheon for three generations. A chief of the city’s detectives, he is described as a determined man who does not let those in power to push him around. This attitude will lead him to question his own family, especially after he loses the woman he loves and decides to uncover the truth surrounding her death as well as a hidden secret by his family. On the other hand, Kim Sung-kyun (Reply 1988) takes on the role of his older brother Jang Ki-seo, who has become a corrupt man like their father in an effort to maintain their power and opposes his every action to undermine their family’s authority.

The poster above shows the two brothers’ faces separated and connected at the same time by a long tear that symbolizes the rivalry and brotherly connection between the two. They are shown facing front with their eyes revealing their contrasting characters—Joon-seo’s innocent, truth-seeking image and his brother’s cold, unscrupulous appearance. The two siblings stand in front of each other in the second poster below, revealing a confrontation that will unfold in Bukcheon which provides a blurred backdrop for the image.

Untouchable Poster b

Rounding out the main cast of the drama are Jung Eun-ji and Go Jun-hee. Jung Eun-ji (Cheer Up) is playing a prosecutor named Seo Yi-ra while Go Jun-hee (She Was Pretty) is portraying the role of Go Ja-kyung, an intelligent and ambitious woman who does not get acknowledged by her father.

Untouchable is written by Choi Jin-won of The Man in the Mask and helmed by Jo Nam-kook of the award-winning drama The Chaser. It will air on Fridays and Saturdays beginning November 24, taking over the slot currently occupied by The Package.

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