Ji Soo issues handwritten apology in light of controversy; ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ cancels filming

Ji Soo has released a handwritten apology in response to the school violence allegations that have surfaced earlier this week.

The actor, who is currently headlining the KBS2 historical drama River Where the Moon Rises, posted the letter on his Instagram account on March 4. It reads as follows:

“I sincerely apologize to those who have suffered [because of] me. There is no excuse for my misdeeds in the past. They were unforgivable actions. When I started acting, I received undeserved public attention, while my past was kept hidden. I’ve come this far, but there was always a sense of guilt about the past in my heart and regrets that [have become] too late to turn back, [which gave me] a great deal of anxiety. The dark past has always weighed on me. I will deeply atone for those who have suffered for a long time while seeing me as an actor, and I will reflect on and regret my past, which I will not be able to erase for the rest of my life. I feel guilty and pained for causing tremendous damage to the broadcasters, production crew, actors, and staff members who have been silently working on the drama [River Where the Moon Rises]. I sincerely hope that I will not cause any further damage to the drama. I sincerely apologize, on my knees, to all those who have been hurt by me.”

The issue began on the afternoon of March 2, when an article titled “Actor Ji Soo is a perpetrator of school violence” was posted in an online community forum. According to the statements made by the author, who revealed that they went to the same middle school as the actor from 2006 to 2008, “Kim Ji-soo [given name of actor Ji Soo] is no more than a bully and a gangster.” The author then went on to write that the actor “roamed the school as a delinquent who committed all sorts of evil,” while mentioning circumstances that have happened in school. After the revelation, comments that they, too, were victims poured out, and other stories of the actor’s alleged misconducts were also shared. The next day, March 3, KeyEast, Ji Soo’s agency, shared in an official statement that they are aware of the allegations and asked for understanding and that they may be given time to verify the facts.

On the same day (March 3), a netizen filed a petition for the removal of the actor in River Where the Moon Rises on the KBS Viewers’ Rights Center. The center is obligated to respond to petitions that garner more than 1,000 consents within 30 days and take the necessary measures, which may include postponement of drama airing or withholding of appearances. As of writing, the petition has reportedly over 5,000 requests.

This prompted the production behind the ongoing series to cancel its filming scheduled for today, March 4, to discuss the necessary actions toward the lead star and the course of its production moving forward. It has been revealed that the drama, which has aired six episodes so far, is a pre-produced project, with most of its content already filmed.

A representative from the River Where the Moon Rises team shared, “Today’s scheduled filming has been canceled. We are currently holding a meeting related to whether Ji Soo [will continue to] appear in the drama or not. We will set a date to resume shooting as soon as a decision [has been made].”

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