Ji Dae-han, Kang Mal-geum, more actors confirmed to join ‘Missing: The Other Side’ cast

Actor Ji Dae-han and actress Kang Mal-geum are both confirmed to join the cast of OCN’s upcoming thriller fantasy series Missing: The Other Side.

The story will revolve around a village that holds the spirits of missing, dead people and the search to find their bodies and uncover the truth behind their deaths that follows. It will also feature stars Go Soo (Money Game), Heo Joon-ho (Kingdom 2), Ahn So-hee (Welcome to Waikiki 2), Ha Joon (Black Dog), and Seo Eun-soo (Legal High).

Ji Dae-han will play the role of Baek Il-doo, a detective in charge of the case of the missing people. He has developed a strange touch through his long experience in the field, as well as endurance and patience. Ji last appeared in Rugal, which ended last May, and has taken part in many popular series over the years such as Reply 1994 (2013), My Shy Boss (2017), Chicago Typewriter (2017), and Still 17 (2018).

Meanwhile, Kang Mal-geum will portray Kim Hyun-mi, who serves as the vice-chairwoman of the village. She is a skeptic, talks and laughs in a loud voice, and is harboring a secret. Kang, who has shown a wide acting spectrum in films and dramas, recently won as Best New Actress for film in the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards for her performance in Lucky Chan-sil (2019) as the titular character, Lee Chan-sil. She has appeared in only a few series in the past such as Children of Nobody (2018–2019) and Beautiful World (2019). And now, cast in a new show, viewers are already anticipating what performance she will be giving in the series.

Kang Tae-joo and Moon Yoo-kang

Actors Kang Tae-joo and Moon Yoo-kang are both joining the cast of Missing: The Other Side as well.

On July 3, Kang Tae-joo’s agency, UL Entertainment, announced that the actor “is confirmed to appear in OCN’s new original series Missing: The Other Side.”

Rookie star Kang will play the role of Kang Dae-sung, a public service worker at the resident center where Lee Jong-ah (Ahn So-hee) works. The actor has worked on commercials before but is a newcomer in dramas. He was also cast in a main role for the web drama Another Peaceful Day of Secondhand Items, which is targeting to air on December. He has been attracting attention for his warm visuals and fresh charm, and his participation in Missing: The Other Side is already anticipated by fans who are interested in what kind of performance he will be showing.

Meanwhile, Moon Yoo-kang’s agency also confirmed on July 3 that the actor is cast as Kim Nam-guk, the brother-in-law of Kim Wook (Go Soo). He spent his childhood together with Kim Wook starting in the nursery school and now runs a pawnshop and helps in Kim Wook’s work with Lee Jong-ah. Moon made his debut TV appearance in the JTBC series Itaewon Class (2020).

Missing: The Other Side will be directed by Min Yeon-hong and written by Ban Ki-ri and Jung So-young. The drama series is scheduled to air on OCN in August.

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