Ji Chang-wook in talks to lead new healing drama ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

Actor Ji Chang-wook (Lovestruck in the City) is in talks to come back to the small screen!

Earlier today, July 8, a representative from the entertainment industry told the media that “Ji Chang-wook will be the main character of the new drama Tell Me Your Wish.” Ji’s agency Glorious Entertainment immediately responded to the news, saying, “Ji Chang-wook was offered a role in Tell Me Your Wish and is currently reviewing it.”

Tell Me Your Wish is a drama about people who dream to “die well.” Set inside a hospice ward, the story will tell the salvation of “adult children” who are lost in the chaos of life.

Should he accept the project, Ji will play the role of Yoon Gye-re, a man who keeps running away from death. He has neither the desire nor the will to live but is barely holding on by putting up a tough facade. He is a broken child-like adult who has developed a habit of inflicting pain on himself by getting tattoos whenever he becomes attached to something that gives him a desire to live. Even though he is a grown-up, he is three times sicker than an average youngster. The viewers are expected to sympathize with Gye-re and cheer him on to live happily even though he has little time left to live.

The drama’s formation is under discussion, with the production aiming to begin filming in the second half of the year.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook is confirmed to lead Netflix’s new original drama The Sound of Magic.

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