Jang Dong-yoon suits up as sergeant in stills from OCN’s ‘Search’

OCN’s upcoming military thriller series Search has unveiled the first stills of Jang Dong-yoon as the charismatic sergeant Yong Dong-jin.

Search centers on a military search troop on a mission to unravel the mysterious events that have been happening in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). With the unexplained murders and disappearances and a monstrous creature that loom the area, the team must rely on their camaraderie and utilize their skills to survive.

In the recently dropped still cuts, Jang Dong-yoon (The Tale of Nokdu) dons the fatigues and transforms into Yong Dong-jin, a sergeant and the handler of the military hunting dog, Leo. Dong-jin is merely a month away from his discharge. As he spends the time counting down what he hopes are his smooth-sailing last days, he finds himself assigned to a specialized search party.


Despite his seemingly uptight aura and tough personality, as reflected in the photos, Dong-jin actually has a sly streak and a sense of humor that are expected to bring light moments to the story. He is also extremely curious. Hence, while he initially wanted to breeze through the mission, his gut and inquisitive nature drag him deeper into the operation, forcing him to use his wit and good instinct at the most critical time.

He will work closely with lieutenant Son Ye-rim (Krystal Jung, The Player), reservist-turned-tour-guide Kim Da-jung (Moon Jeong-hee, When the Weather Is Fine), elite officer Song Min-kyu (Yoon Park, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life), and deputy team leader Lee Joon-sung (Lee Hyun-wook, Strangers from Hell) in uncovering the secrets of the case.

The production of Search is spearheaded by film makers, director Lim Dae-woong and screenwriters Goo Mo and Go Myung-joo. The drama aims to premiere later this year.

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