Jaedam Media signs contract with Studio 329 to produce drama adaptation of webtoon ‘Borrowed Body’

Jaedam Media, an agency that manages a growing catalog of in-demand comic contents, has partnered with Studio 329 to produce a drama adaptation of the well-received webtoon “Borrowed Body.”

Written by Park Se-kye, Borrowed Body is set inside an academy and follows the lives of three childhood friends, Sang-yu, Da-rim, and Ho-young, as they come of age and go through their earliest experiences with romantic love.

Sang-yu has always been timid and awkward growing up, so he has very few friends. When he gets caught up in a rumor during his first year in high school, he becomes more aloof and dismal. Meanwhile, Da-rim is an athletic student who excels both in sports and in her studies. She has been harboring a crush on Ho-young. But when she finally musters up enough courage to confess her feelings for him, she finds herself rejected.

In a magical twist of fate, Sang-yu and Da-rim meet each other by a wishing fountain. They each make a wish when a voice comes out of nowhere and says, “I will grant your wishes.” Frightened, the two lose consciousness and later wake up with their bodies mysteriously switched.

The web comic’s first episode was initially released on Kakao Page in July 2019 and went on to garner a huge fan base in Naver Webtoon’s Best Challenge section as well as in Daum’s Webtoon League, two of the best gateways for amateur works to get recognized. Its wide recognition was the driving basis of its subsequent serialization.

To date, the title has over 40 episodes, each depicting the entangled lives and romance stories of the three main characters. It has attracted a total of more than 280,000 readers, with the opinion section surpassing 7,000 comments.

Jaedam Media Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in marketing digital comics. It currently oversees a network of 300 writers and manages over 50 publications in various domestic platforms.

Years after its establishment in 2013, the institution has ventured into bringing Korean comic contents to a wider audience by transforming them into television series, made possible through a series of collaboration works with media production companies. One example is JTBC’s two-season friendship series Hello, My Twenties! (2016, 2017).

Referring to the source material for the current project, Jaedam Media CEO Hwang Nam-yong said, “It is a harmonious production of a refreshing romance story among teenagers that captures its viewers with cute animations created on a pastel tone.”

This will not be the first time that the two companies have joined houses. They were previously reported to have signed an agreement in generating a drama adaptation of the thriller webtoon “Crime Puzzle.”

Studio 329 also seems to be getting ahead of the game when it comes to producing high-potential collaborative works, given its recent team-up with Netflix for the action-crime series Extracurricular (2020).

With the script for Borrowed Body already in the works, the drama is targeting to kick-off its production in the second half of the year.

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