I’ve fallen into a Kdrama slump

While I was staring at my laptop, it dawned on me that I no longer watch Korean dramas these days. So, I checked this drama list and determined which shows have managed to enter my currently-watching-list and failed to get out. There are 14 of them and given my strong disinterest in hitting the play button and finishing what I’ve started, I concluded that I’m really suffering from a slump—a situation in which my interest in Kdramas is temporarily gone.

It’s hard for me to finish an episode of any drama and what once have been an enjoyable activity no longer entertains me. The dramas I’ve watched aren’t as interesting as they used to be and new dramas do not appeal to me. It sucks, it really does, especially when you feel so bored that you just want to sleep all day to get rid of that boredom.

The slump is real

scene from Entertainer (2)
The seriousness is like this when a one-hour episode seems like 5 hours long. (Scene from Entertainer)

I want to share with you some methods to overcome the slump. Before that, here’s what I thought about some of the dramas that just can’t move into my already-watched list.

  • Mother. I finished the first episode but I could hardly find any reason to watch episode 2. Lee Bo-young, as always, is a good actress, and so is the girl playing the abused child in the drama. I believe the series is superb (which is why it was selected to compete in the Cannes International Series Festival this year) but the story seems not interesting to me. Disinterest is one symptom of a Kdrama slump.
  • Prison Playbook. I love this show and I think I have only 2 episodes left to watch. But the problem is I couldn’t push myself to watch those remaining episodes. I forgot to renew my subscription to Netflix but seriously money isn’t the issue; my will/laziness is. Going through the effort to fix my account is not an option. And so the slump continues.
  • Live Up To Your Name & Hospital Ship. I stopped halfway through the show because I lost my interest.
  • Save Me School 2017. I just can’t find the reason to continue watching the series.
  • Reunited Worlds. It started pretty strongly for me, but it has become boring towards the middle of the series so I dropped it.
  • The King Loves. I waited for months to watch this one, but when it came out it felt like hitting the play button is burdensome. I was planning to watch it recently but I can’t just do whatever it is that needs to be done.
  • Seven Day Queen & Defendant. Couldn’t finish the first 30 minutes of episode 1. Isn’t that enough proof that I’ve fallen into a Kdrama slump?

In a nutshell, I just couldn’t appreciate and interest myself in any drama—whether it be the old or the new ones. If you need more signs to watch out for to find out whether you’re really suffering from a drama slump or not, check this Dramabeans post.

Ways to overcome the slump

scene from Entertainer
Let’s fight the slump and have fun in watching Korean dramas. (Scene from Entertainer)

I need to break this slump if I want to continue to enjoy watching these shows, so I did my research and found this article (8 Ways to Cure a Korean Drama Slump and Keep Your Kdrama Fire Burning) from Kdramakisses. Here are my thoughts on them:

  1. Re-watch favorite dramas. I completely agree with the author on this. Watching your old favorites may actually help you remember and point out what it is in Kdramas that made you love them. I’ll try City Hunter for this method.
  2. Watch unfamiliar genres. I’m the type who watch dramas of any genre (from romance to thrillers), so I doubt this would work for me.
  3. Live-watch now, Binge-watch tomorrow. This is a good option for only those who binge-watch dramas or only those who watch the shows as they air. Switching the way you watch could improve your attention span, especially if you switch from binge-watching hours of episodes to watching just one or two per week. For me, however, I don’t think it’s gonna work since I do both live-watching and binge-watching.
  4. Check out variety shows. This means that you take a break and watch other shows. Nah, it’s not gonna help me.
  5. Watch dramas from other countries. This is a wise option but be careful because you may end up abandoning Kdramaland forever and migrate to Cdramaland or Tdramaland. I’ll stay at Kdramaland.
  6. Take a break. I’m doing this right now. Maybe I just need more time to rest, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that after n months, I’ll make my return.
  7. No to negativity. People tend to criticize a drama and expose its flaws, giving you a hard time thinking whether you watching such a drama is a good choice or just a waste of time. You have to avoid any online and offline discussion that contains a lot of negative comments to a certain show. That way, you can avoid crossing out that show from your to-watch list.
  8. Manage expectations. In other words, don’t be hurt when a drama you wanted to watch so much fails you. It happens all the time, so you need to balance your expectations. I have been trying to do this ever since I became a fanboy.

What about you? Have you ever suffered from a drama slump before? How did you deal with it?


Me? Just an ordinary lad with an extraordinary (says this something called 'stereotype') habit of watching Korean dramas. It started with action-filled City Hunter and the rest, as they say, is history.