‘Item’ teases intense confrontation scene between Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Kang-woo

Ju Ji-hoon (Kingdom) and Kim Kang-woo (Circle) are seen locking horns in the latest teaser released by MBC for its new mini-series, Item. In the show, Ju Ji-hoon plays Kang Gon, a righteous prosecutor, while Kim Kang-woo plays Jo Se-hwang, a sociopathic businessman.

In the still cuts released today, Kang Gon is shown not meeting Se Hwang’s eyes and looking resolutely ahead while the latter appears to be taunting Kang Gon with an evil leer on his face. The series depicts the conflict between these two men as the classic ‘good vs. evil’ as they try to outrun each other in a bid to capture “items,” which are objects with supernatural powers. They are after the same items, but for different purposes. While Kang Gon wants to protect something precious, the wealthy and ruthless Se Hwang has evil plans and wants the items to fulfill his greed. The choices these two men make about the items will have the power to change their lives.

Ju Ji-hoon and Kim Kang-woo in Item
Photo Credit: Star Daily News

“The confrontation between Kang Gon and Jo Se-hwang is the focal point of the drama, but the battle between them began even before Kang Gon knew about the items,” revealed the production team. They asked for the viewers’ attention as they reveal the story and the past experiences of these characters in the drama.

Item is adapted from a mystery-fantasy webtoon of the same name, and has writer Jung Yi-do and director Kim Sung-wook at the helm. It stars Ju Ji-hoon in the lead, opposite actress Jin Se-yeon (High-End Crush) as a criminal profiler who collaborates with him.

Ju Ji-hoon has been riding high on the successes of his 2018 films Along with the Gods 2 and Dark Figure of Crime in addition to Netflix’s big-budget zombie drama Kingdom, and with Item in the pipeline, he is showing no signs of stopping in 2019 as well.

Item is set to follow Bad Detective on MBC, airing every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm starting February 11.

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