Item Roundup: Episodes 9-10

After Gon explodes in anger at finding that the bracelet is the reason behind Da-in being in the hospital, Yu-na comforts him. So-young visits Gon with the analysis of the videos found in the arcade, which repeatedly brings up two names: bracelet and someone called Hak-jae. When So-young suggests they investigate the bracelet, Gon asks her to back off, but after a bit of pestering, reveals that he now has the bracelet in question. After recounting how the bracelet is related to Dae-soo and Da-in, Gon tries using its powers, and So-young can’t believe her eyes when he manages to lift a metal barrier with a single hand.

In a prison cell, a man named Bang Hak-jae sleeps comfortably, with the prison guards commenting that prison is akin to a vacation for him. He goes outside and picks a fight with a gang, causing chaos in the prison grounds. Gon is back to reinvestigate Dae-soo’s house, and finds a letter from Bang Hak-jae. Turns out that Hak-jae and Dae-soo are friends, and it was he who had given Dae-soo the bracelet. Detective Seo watches Gon read the letter while hiding in Dae-soo’s house.

Chief Shin goes through his diaries from his days as a detective, and we learn that he had found the album with supernatural powers after the fire incident, and used its album’s powers on criminals who had been set free by the law despite being guilty. So-young’s team leader leaks details of Lee Hak-joon’s autopsy report to Yu-na. She launches an internal investigation against Gon by making it look like Jo Se-hwang’s close associates, who all had a hand in Gon’s relegation, being killed one by one immediately after his return is suspicious.

Item Roundup Episodes 9-10 Chief Shin using the album

Gon meets Bang Hak-jae in the prison, who turns out incredibly difficult to talk to, but does reveal one important detail—the room of wishes. He says that anyone who collects all the magical items can visit the room to have their wishes granted, and asks Gon to go to the waste disposal facility in Paju for more information. Se-hwang visits his ailing father in the hospital, and we are shown another disturbing flashback of his dad threatening to hit him with a leather belt as a younger Se-hwang literally pees his pants in fear.

When Gon asks Chief Shin to meet him in Paju, his eyes darken as if he’s been there before. The two discover tracks of a truck at the facility, and decide to keep watch, but Chief Shin asks Gon to head back to Da-in’s side. Yu-na summons Detective Seo and So-young for the internal investigation against Gon but So-young backs out of it, refusing to doubt Gon.

Chief Shin gets ambushed while keeping watch, and Gon gets a text asking him to come and rescue Shin. When Gon reaches, he gets attacked by Se-hwang’s goons while trying to rescue a blindfolded Shin. Once again, Se-hwang is watching from his car and asks Gon to wear the bracelet to fight the men. After Gon uses the bracelet and is laying on the ground from being drained by its power, Se-hwang uses his security manager to tell him that Dae-soo will die in an hour. Gon hurries over to Dae-soo, and exactly as an hour passes, the man gives a shudder and is dead in front of everyone’s eyes. Just then, Se-hwang calls Gon and we see Dae-soo’s photo from the album in his hands, ripped in two. He asks Gon to retrieve the item in a week, or Da-in will die next.


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