Item Roundup: Episodes 7-8

Noticing the exact same tattoo over both Da-in and Dae-soo’s arms, Gon begins to wonder about the similarities between the attacks. Gon and So-young search Dae-soo’s house and come across a family photo at an amusement park, which Gon remembers from his childhood. He tells So-young that in November 2003, the cleaner, Kim Tae-goo had set the ‘dream tower’ in the amusement park on fire, resulting in several deaths. He also reveals that the tattoo matched the symbol from the amusement park’s stamp.

Item Episodes 7-8 - Gon and So-young investigate Dae-soo's house

When So-young asks her dad about the arson case from 2003, we learn that it was Chief Shin who handled the case. Shin immediately flashes back to seeing the album amidst the items from the site of tragedy but doesn’t mention it to his daughter. So-young tells her dad that she feels these cases—Nam Chul-soon, Kim Jae-jun, Dae-soo, and Da-in—are connected. Chief Shin seems both worried and evasive at her observation. So-young vows to find the culprit and goes to Da-in’s room to recreate the moment of her kidnapping, coming to the conclusion that the culprit probably enjoyed terrorizing the little child.

We cut to a scene of Se-hwang in Da-in’s hospital room while Gon is out. Gon returns to find Da-in missing. Paranoid, he races to where the nurse says Da-in has been moved and finds Yu-na, his colleague, in a VIP room with Da-in. Yu-na lies that she had Da-in moved in order for her to get better attention. Later that night, Gon gets an anonymous call saying CEO Lee Hak-joon of Pyeonghwa Law firm will die unless he catches the man with the item. Gon immediately leaves for Jeongjin Station like the caller instructed, with So-young, who saw him rushing out, following him. When Gon gets to the platform, he hears a scream and runs in the direction of the tunnels. He notices blood spatters on the tracks and catches a figure retreating into the shadows, but before he can follow the figure, he notices CEO Lee’s body. The man is still alive, but his hand has been cut off and the infamous Bible verse is stuck to it.

Gon remembers the station from his dream and tells So-young about it. He alludes to an ominous feeling he’s been getting. He thinks that the cases they will see from now on will be unlike anything they have seen before. They try to go in the pursuit of the killer, but out of nowhere, Detective Seo turns up at the location, saying he was after the killer too. He informs them that CEO Lee died in transit, describing his killer as a devil.

Priest Do-young goes into the rooms of some sleeping children and prays for no suffering to come to them and that he will shoulder all the sins.

Item Episodes 7-8 - Gon finds the blue bracelet

Gon and So-young go back to Gon’s place hoping to get some leads. So-young notes that the culprit broke in with the clear agenda of taking back something that Da-in had. Se-hwang’s security manager listens to their conversation through a tracker placed in Da-in’s room. As So-young pores over the case, we learn that So-young’s mom died in the same fire accident that Gon had mentioned. Gon finds the blue bracelet hidden in Da-in’s melodeon, but it is not clear if it was Da-in or Se-hwang who hid it.


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