Item Roundup: Episodes 5-6

Still investigating Chief Prosecutor Kim Jae-jun’s gruesome murder, Gon learns that the light he saw emanating from Kim’s car was actually really strong electromagnetic pulse waves that neutralize devices, which had led to a blackout that night. The evidence leads him to surmise that it was an older male who killed Kim, and he can’t shake off the feeling that there’s something supernatural about the murder.

Item Episodes 5-6 - Gon and So-young discuss the murders

Da-in gets bullied at school again, but just as the kids are about to snatch her melodeon, the blue bracelet glows and Da-in inadvertently ends up pushing one of the kids really violently. At the police station, So-young lists out similarities between Nam Chul-soon and Kim Jae-jun’s murders—they happened within a week of each other, the evidence of both men’s corruption was displayed beside their dead bodies, and the same Bible verse was stuck to both their bodies. The verse in question has five more parts, which leads her to believing that the killer plans to murder five more individuals. Gon visits So-young to discuss the murder, and she tells him that the killer is bold with his modus operandi because he wants everyone to hear about these murders. So-young’s colleague, Detective Seo, eavesdrops on them.

The magical instant camera gives Se-hwang a picture of Dae-soo in front of Gon’s building and believing Dae-soo has the bracelet, Se-hwang goes after him. Gon and So-young are on the terrace discussing how certain elements from the case seem almost supernatural when Gon sees Dae-soo being attacked by Se-hwang’s goons. He runs off to catch Dae-soo, and Da-in sees him fighting the goons from the window. The goons pull back after Se-hwang, who is watching everything from his car, hears a police siren and asks them to back off.

Gon chases after Dae-soo, only to see him fall from a building, right over a car. Priest Do-young is there, using the red flames to lift Dae-soo back up. Gon happens to see this and follows Dae-soo to the top of the building. Da-in has set out in search of Gon, and Se-hwang sees her with the bracelet. He follows her, and they both come across the scene of Gon being held upside down in the air by Priest Do-young, with the red flames choking him so hard he draws blood from his mouth. Se-hwang is just about to go after Da-in when the police get there, and he is forced to retreat. Later, Gon discovers that the marks left on his body by the flames are the same as the marks on the murder victims.

Se-hwang turns up at the hospital Dae-soo is in, disguised as a doctor, and holds out an album in front of Dae-soo which seems to suck out his consciousness, leaving a symbol on his arm. As Dae-soo goes into a vegetative state, Gon notices the symbol on his arm, recognizing it as a memory from his childhood.

The next day, when Da-in is home alone, a man clad in black turns up. It’s Se-hwang, who manages to hack the passcode and get in. A terrified Da-in manages to video call Gon, who immediately sets for home. By the time he gets there, however, Se-hwang has subjected Da-in to the same consciousness-sucking treatment he used for Dae-soo and she’s completely unconscious. Gon makes his way to the hospital with Da-in, where doctors tell Gon that despite her vitals being normal, Da-in has suffered a cardiac arrest and entered into a vegetative state. Sitting by her side, Gon notices the same mark on her arm as Dae-soo.


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