Item Roundup: Episodes 31-32

As soon as Gon and Da-in vanish into the light, the scene cuts to a teenage Gon standing in front of the symbols table at dream tower. His dad, Kim Tae-goo, comes over and calls him by his real name, Sung-kyu, and they happily make plans for lunch. Gon shows off an award he won at school. But when his dad asks what Gon wants in return, he suddenly tears up and turns into the older Gon as he wonders what his wish is. Da-in, meanwhile, seems like she’s all alone at an amusement park. When a staff asks for the name of her guardian, she bursts into tears as she says her uncle’s name is Kim Sung-kyu.

Item Roundup Episodes 31-32 - Gon meeting his father

At a press conference, Yu-na reveals that Se-hwang masterminded both the Jeongjin train incident as well as the fire at Dream World and covered up the incidents using his influence. Hak-jae announces his decision to turn himself in and live a peaceful life. So-young receives a call inquiring about Kang Da-in, and she goes to pick Da-in up. Da-in asks for Gon, and So-young promises her that her uncle will return. Tucking Da-in into bed later that night, So-young talks to her about her survivor’s guilt and encourages Da-in to cherish her life as a gift from those who have gone.

Flash forward to one month—Sung-mok visits Hak-jae in prison, and amidst some banter, reveals his plans to become a social worker. So-young and Da-in visit the orphanage, and Da-in becomes friends with Se-yeon. Amidst news of Se-hwang trying to use mental illness to claim a sick bail, Yu-na assures the press that she has faith in the judiciary. Team leader Choi and So-young meet in the police station while being questioned about their respective roles in the Se-hwang case, and part ways amicably.

Item Roundup Episodes 31-32 - Se-hwang's trial

At Se-hwang’s trial, people protest with calls for his execution, a demand that Yu-na echoes as the prosecutor of the case. In his defense, Se-hwang surprisingly admits to all his crimes, apologizes to the families of the bereaved, and proceeds to reveal some disturbing details of his father abusing him during his childhood. In the end, he still blames Gon and Priest Koo. When So-young visits him in the prison, he tells her he is confident that he’ll be released. And it looks likely, because we see that Se-hwang’s prison cell isn’t really a prison—it’s a rather nice room with all the facilities he could possibly need.

A mysterious woman with a glowing locket turns into the guard assigned to Se-hwang and enters the prison. At a party in the orphanage, Hak-jae surprises Sung-mok and So-young by turning up in a crisp suit and reveals that he has been given special pardon. Sung-mok hands So-young a pen drive Priest Koo had left for her.

Item Roundup Episodes 31-32 - Hak-jae released from jail

The woman who visits Se-hwang asks him to play with her. Next thing we know, the prison guards discover a corpse with charred skin hanging from a ceiling. It’s Se-hwang. The mysterious woman passes escapes without us knowing her identity. Gon communicates with Da-in through the melodeon, telling her he’ll be back soon. So-young and Da-in visit the riverside Gon used to visit with Da-in. As they sing, we see him returning with flowers in his hands.


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