Item Roundup: Episodes 3-4

In episodes 3 and 4, our protagonists cross paths with each other, and the history of Gon and Se-hwang’s animosity is revealed. Someone gets murdered, and this time we are given a glimpse into the mysterious murderer’s motives and his background. Da-in’s proximity to the bracelet puts her in the path of danger, and Gon is only able to do so much to protect her.

Through So-young and Gon’s first meeting, we learn that her father is former detective Shin Gu-cheol (Lee Dae-yeon) who used to work with Gon. The dad hilariously tries to get So-young interested in Gon while she scoffs that he’s grown tired of her.

Se-hwang experiences another weird spasm with his eyes fogging over, which can only mean that the magical instant camera has printed another image. This time it’s the photo of a new item, which looks suspiciously like the red flame from the last episode. We are transported to the scene of Nam Chul-soon’s death, and learn that it was the priest who murdered him with the magical whip, which explains the priest punishing himself with it.

It seems that Se-hwang and Gon have already met, because as soon as Gon goes back to work, Se-hwang gives him a threatening call, to which Gon responds with his trademark dry sarcasm. Turns out that 3 years ago, Gon had tried hard to prove Se-hwang’s crimes but his witness had committed suicide just before testifying, following which Gon had had to transfer.

The murderer priest, Goo Do-young (Park Won-sang) talks sweetly to a few children at his church, and Da-in gets bullied by a couple of neighborhood kids on her way home.

That night, priest Do-young is out to kill again. This time its Chief Prosecutor Kim Jae-jun, who is also one of Se-hwang’s associates. Goo Do-young mutters the same words that he left on Nam Chul-soon’s body while killing the man with the magical lighter. So-young reaches the murder site the next day and finds Kim Jae-jun’s body hanging upside down from a ceiling. She discovers the same piece of paper inside his mouth that was on Nam’s dead body and realizes it’s from the Bible.

Gon gets assigned to Kim Jae-jun’s murder investigation. So-young manages to get her hands on Kim Jaejun’s autopsy reports and discovers that he and Nam Chul-soon were killed using the same weapons. She tries to convince her superiors to investigate both cases together as possible serial murders. During the course of their investigation, Gon and Chief Shin discover an inexplicable video from the night of Kim Jae-jun’s murder. Meanwhile, So-young finds Da-in alone at the park and they share a comforting conversation.

Jin Se-yeon and Shin Rin-Ah in Item still

Sensing a connection between Kim Jae-jun’s inexplicable murder and his strange encounter with Dae-soo, Gon decides to investigate Dae-soo himself. However, this time when he finds Dae-soo, the latter doesn’t possess the bracelet and is not able to fight Gon off like before.

Even without supernatural powers though, Dae-soo is pretty dangerous and obsesses over the bracelet he lost. He suspects that Gon might have the bracelet, and vows to get it back while staring at a photo of Gon and Da-in from Gon’s wallet that he stole during their scuffle. At home, Da-in sleeps peacefully while wearing the bracelet.

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