Item Roundup: Episodes 29-30

While rescuing people trapped in the train, Gon finds Se-yeon, the girl from the orphanage, with her mouth and hands bound. To make matters worse, she has an explosive tied around her neck that is impossible to get off without triggering the bomb. Gon stays by her side and asks the rest of the group to evacuate the train. So-young comes back to the train to flash Hak-jae’s mirror at Gon and Se-yeon, caging the explosive in the mirror.

Item Roundup Episodes 29-30 - Gon stays with Se-yeon

In the Room of Wishes, Da-in plays her melodeon and we plunge into a series of flashbacks in quick succession—a teenage Gon in his school uniform in the dream tower, a student thanking her teacher for paying for her school trip and gifting him a torch, a young man using the purple bottle of perfume before seeing his girlfriend, and an older couple talking about making new memories and saving them in the album. We also see the moments Chief Shin and Priest Koo decided to use the items to punish people.

Se-hwang holds a press conference to deny his involvement in the Jeongjin station incident. Suddenly, an audio clip of Se-hwang bribing the driver of the train begins playing. Turns out the driver had recorded the audio and given it to Yu-na, who now plans to fully expose Se-hwang. It seems like all hell has broken loose for Se-hwang because HwaOne group’s shareholders also hold an emergency meeting to dismiss him. Yu-na secretly records some senior prosecutors plotting to save Se-hwang.

Item Roundup Episodes 29-30 - Yu-na exposes Se-hwang

In an effort to try and save Da-in from the clown, Chief Shin falls off the ledge of the castle where he was hiding with Da-in and into nothingness. Back in the real world, his body turns translucent and eventually disappears as So-youngs watches and cries for him to not go. It is revealed that Se-hwang’s father left his shares in HwaOne to the corporate body instead of his son. Yu-na manages to get an arrest warrant issued for Se-hwang. Enraged by the turn of events, Se-hwang goes on a rampage and kills every one of his aides including his security head. Team leader Choi turns up to stop Se-hwang, but ends up getting shot.

With the little life left in him, team leader Choi calls So-young and warns her about Se-hwang heading their way with a gun. Yu-na reaches Se-hwang’s villa and discovers a locker key in the dead security guy’s hand. Inside the locker is a tablet. Se-hwang reaches the workshop where Gon and group are hiding, and whistles a tune to activate the hypnosis he had placed Hak-jae under. Hak-jae suddenly turns on the group, and a scuffle ensues. Gon manages to pin Se-hwang and points a gun at him. Se-hwang provokes Gon to shoot him, but Gon just gives him punches on behalf of everyone he has wronged until the police arrive.

Item Roundup Episodes 29-30 - Gon points a gun at Se-hwang

Da-in wears the clown’s hat filled with the souls, and her photo begins reappearing. Gon puts on the bracelet and ring and materializes in the Room of Wishes. The uncle and niece finally have a touching reunion. Gon brings out the items, which all fly to their respective places matching the symbols. The tower in the middle of the symbols glows bright and Gon and Da-in walk into the glow.


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