Item Roundup: Episodes 27-28

Se-hwang lets Gon know that he’s holding So-young hostage. Just when Priest Koo is about to shoot Se-hwang, the latter turns into Seo Yo-han, prompting Koo to drop the gun. We flashback to a time when a former HwaOne employee had visited Koo to confess to his role in covering up the fire incident. Back in the present, Se-hwang shoots Priest Koo’s retreating figure. In his dying moments, he thinks back to when his tears had imbued Yo-han’s ring with magical powers.

Item Roundup Episode 27-28 - Priest Koo shot by Se-hwang

Team leader Choi turns up to where he believes Yo-han is being held but gets shot at by a man. Turns out the man is his subordinate Dae-hung with his eyes glazed-over, a clear victim of Se-hwang’s purple mist. Both detectives shoot at each other, Choi in an attempt to defend himself and Dae-hung under the influence of the mist, but the latter ends up dead. As if on cue, Se-hwang’s men get there and blackmail Choi into keeping quiet. Next, the men get to Hak-jae and Sung-mok. The duo manages to hide the items with them, as well as the little girl before being shot by Se-hwang’s men.

Gon gets to the scene and saves Hak-jae and Sung-mok using the healing stamp. Mysteriously, So-young’s mom’s old phone lights up when the stamp is used. Gon notes that the phone maximized the stamp’s powers, and tries to combine other items with it. They discover a new power when the phone comes in contact with the album—its ability to stop time. Back in the Room of Wishes, Chief Shin and Da-in are still trying to hide from the clown. Se-hwang’s men plant Gon’s traces all over detective Kim Dae-hung’s murder scene, and team leader Choi feigns ignorance while trying not to break down.

Item Roundup Episode 27-28 - New power

Gon plans to stop the train crash just as he saw in his dream, and Sung-mok decides to ask his firefighter friends for help. This leaves no one to save So-young, so Hak-jae volunteers for the task. Gon turns up at HwaOne bearing all the items in a briefcase. As soon as he gets inside Se-hwang’s office, his men knock him out with a hit on the head, but Gon manages to get back up and snatch a gun. He holds Se-hwang at gunpoint, to which the latter just laughs and plays a video of So-young admitting to being Gon’s accomplice in the serial murders. She also announces that a huge disaster is about to take place in Seoul, for which she claims responsibility. Immediately, Gon uses his new-found power to stop time and escapes with both his and Se-hwang’s items.

Team leader Choi is back on So-young’s team and along with Yu-na, gathers reinforcements to Jeongjin station. We are transported to the scene of the train crash from the very first episode of the show. A foggy-eyed driver being controlled by the purple mist drives his train in the opposite direction. So-young, also foggy-eyed, climbs atop a building. Gon arrives at Jeongjin station and tries to get people to evacuate. All at once, Gon jumps over the tracks to stop the speeding train and So-young jumps from the building. Hak-jae gets there in time, pushing out an air mattress from his magic mirror and cushioning So-young’s fall.

Team leader Choi and his team go head to head with Se-hwang’s goons, stopping them from committing more crimes. As Gon lays drained on the tracks, hundreds of people make their escape. Sung-mok gets to Gon and heals him, and together, they try to rescue the trapped people with Hak-jae and So-young also joining in.


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