Item Roundup: Episodes 25-26

Da-in sends messages to Gon through the melodeon, informing him of the impending subway accident and Se-hwang visiting the Room of Wishes. Chief Shin collapses before So-young, revealing that he has cancer. Gon and the team try to combine their items together to see if they create a new power, a la Se-hwang’s bracelet and ring. Se-hwang makes a sinister plan to gather people at Jeongjin station by launching a sale in the mall next to it, and then pulling off a train crash. He meets Da-in once again.

Item Roundup Episodes 25-26 - Se-hwang plans a train crash

The Polaroid camera prints a picture of the site of a train crash, and Gon realizes that Se-hwang is behind it. An ad for the sale tells him that the crash will happen in two days. Chief Shin volunteers to have his soul locked inside the album so he can protect Da-in in the Room of Wishes. Upon arriving, he notices that the graves of So-young’s mother and everyone who died in the fire are in there. Meanwhile, Se-wang’s dad captures Dae-soo and devours his soul through the magic hat. Before he can get to Da-in, Shin finds her and they escape to a castle-like structure.

Item Roundup Episodes 25-26 - Chief Shin arrives in the Room of Wishes

Sung-mok drives So-young to the police station. They come across a heavily guarded checkpoint, and she uses Hak-jae’s cap to go invisible and avoid being captured. Priest Koo leaves a letter saying he’ll sacrifice himself for So-young since he doesn’t think she can convince her police team to help them on her own. At the police station, team leader Choi and his subordinates predictably refuse to believe anything So-young says about the special items. As a last resort, she pierces her palm with a sharp object, eliciting surprised yells from the men. But the stamp mark on her wrist glows, leading her wound to close up immediately. The men stare at her in disbelief.

So-young reveals Yohan’s identity and the fact that he died in the fire at Dream World, hoping it will be enough to secure the detectives’ help for the Jeongjin station accident. In a surprising move, team leader Choi puts his job (and the promotion he was vying for) on the line and requests for backup on the day of the crash. Unfortunately, however, Se-hwang has planted men at the police station and receives information about So-young’s visit as well as Choi’s plans. Se-hwang puts on the ring and calls team leader Choi as Seo Yo-han, reporting that he has been abducted.

Yu-na meets Gon, and he tells her about the special items as well as the train crash Se-hwang is planning, asking for her help. Overcome by guilt, Yu-na gets down on her knees and comes clean about her father and Se-hwang’s involvement in Gon’s brother’s death. Despite his shock and her betrayal, Gon asks her to help him take down Se-hwang. So-young is kidnapped by one of Se-hwang’s men as Gon visits So-young’s forensic expert friend who is hiding Da-in’s body. So-young is brought to an abandoned warehouse where Se-hwang is waiting for her. He uses the purple mist on her and calls Gon to let him know that he has So-young. Just then, Priest Koo turns up with a pistol in hand.


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