Item Roundup: Episodes 23-24

Se-hwang acquires the ability to transport between two worlds by combining the bracelet and the ring’s powers. Hak-jae and So-young use the mirror, which can produce copies of any object reflected on it, to escape Se-hwang’s men. Ha Sung-mok arrives at the church with the intention of helping Chief Shin, but finds him bound by ropes. They find Priest Koo and Gon bleeding in the dungeon. Ha uses the stamp to heal Priest Koo’s injuries, and the group decides to move to a safer location. Ha takes them to the abandoned warehouse in the suburbs where his former fire chief lives. Meanwhile, Se-hwang enters the tower in the Room of Wishes and bumps into his father.

Item Roundup Episodes 23-24 - Han Yu-na's past

So-young notes that Se-hwang and his goons are away from his villa and decides to steal his items. Using the invisibility cap, Hak-jae breaks in. Yu-na gets a forensic analysis of the ripped picture of Se-hwang’s dad as a clown, and is told that the photo is fading over time. When she inquires Se-hwang, he catches on and tells her that she can’t help Gon. It is revealed it was Se-hwang who, driving under influence, had caused the accident that had killed Gon’s brother. Yu-na’s father had known of the incident, but had decided not to report Se-hwang in return for Se-hwang helping save Yu-na’s life. As a result, the father-daughter duo had to live their lives beholden to Se-hwang.

The detective team looks into the Dream World case and realizes that the reports don’t match with the testimony of Gon’s dad. Also, Se-hwang was the only witness in that case. This strikes them as suspicious, and they wonder if it’s not Gon but someone else committing the murders. Se-hwang gets home, and is furious at discovering his items missing. At the warehouse, Gon, Shin and Sung-mok have been joined by So-young and Hak-jae. Together, they take stock of the items they have and the ones they need to find. Gon remembers noticing the symbols on the objects at Dream World, and we realize that the tower Se-hwang entered in the Room of Wishes was the Dream Tower that had caught fire years ago.

Item Roundup Episodes 23-24 - Seo Yo-han at Dream World fire

The balls of light guide Da-in to the same tower. Suddenly, she is thrown into what looks like a memory from the day of the fire incident. Bit by bit, we glimpse the stories of everyone who was at the amusement park on that unfortunate day. We see So-young’s mom texting her, Priest Koo and Seo Yo-han with the kids from the orphanage, as well as several others—from staff to visitors. Finally, the mystery of these magical items comes to light—each of these random objects belongs to someone who died in the fire.

Da-in is suddenly transported to the scene of the train crash from Gon’s dream. Gon lays bleeding on the tracks, but Da-in is stuck in one place and unable to get to him. She cries out to him, and the scene changes to him in his old bedroom where he had had that dream. She cries out to him once more, and this time he wakes, but Da-in is not there anymore. It seems like Se-hwang was right—time moves differently in this world.


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