Item Roundup: Episodes 21-22

Having helped Bang Hak-jae escape from prison, Gon, So-young and Chief Shin head to the church to hide. So-young confronts Priest Koo about the murders. He reveals that he had no choice after learning that the real culprit behind the Dream World fire was Jo Se-hwang. That’s why he went after all the men who had covered up the case. Gon flashes back to the day the court had cleared Se-hwang’s men of all charges. So-young wonders why Kim Tae-goo killed himself if he was innocent. At this, Gon reveals his identity as Tae-goo’s son.

Item Roundup Episodes 21-22 - Gon is publicly insulted

Gon thinks back to the day he was thrown out of the memorial for Dream World victims. He was branded a murderer’s son by the angry public and had to change his name. The detectives notice Seo Yo-han’s disappearance and begin tracking his cell phone. Yu-na receives a package from So-young with data on people who died suspicious deaths from brain damage. The data also points out that the deaths didn’t occur during the months of Se-hwang’s imprisonment and Yu-na recalls a few people in the list as being outspoken critics of Hwawon group. When she meets Se-hwang next, however, he asks Yu-na to publicly announce that Gon is Kim Tae-goo’s son and murdered his associates to avenge his father.

Hak-jae drives Gon, So-young and Chief Shin up the wall by constantly avoiding their questions about the location of his items. Da-in sends Gon a message through the melodeon. In the Room of Wishes, a tiny ball of light guides Da-in to the grave of a child called Moon Jin-woong. Suddenly, similar balls of light rise up from other graves and guide Da-in towards a tower located in the middle of the maze. Meanwhile, Se-hwang is tracking Hak-jae’s plan to retrieve the items.

Item Roundup Episodes 21-22 - Hak-jae and So-young get ambushed

Priest Koo knocks out Chief Shin, who is keeping an eye on him. When So-young can’t reach her dead, Gon senses something amiss and goes back to the church. So-young sets out with Hak-jae to retrieve the items. He leads her to a house and fishes the items from a cauldron. Immediately, they get ambushed by Se-hwang’s men. Hak-jae uses one of the items—a cap that makes him invisible—to fight the men attacking them.

Se-hwang turns up at the church and confronts Priest Koo. Koo wears the ring, turning into Seo Yo-han and revealing that he was one of the victims of the fire. The two face off using their respective items. With the bracelet’s strength, Se-hwang punches a hole in the wall, flooding the room with sunlight. Turns out Priest Koo’s fiery whip doesn’t work in sunlight. Se-hwang proceeds to steal Priest Koo’s items. Meanwhile, the clown aka Se-hwang’s father is about to catch Da-in in the Room of Wishes when Se-hwang suddenly tears his photo into two.

Gon arrives on the scene, catching Se-hwang in the act. Se-hwang beats up Gon heavily, and with him watching, puts on Priest Koo’s ring. He immediately vanishes, leaving Gon shocked. He materializes in the Room of Wishes, right in front of the tower that Da-in was being led to.


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