Item Roundup: Episodes 19-20

Se-hwang’s polaroid prints a picture while he is strangling So-young, making him freeze. It shows Priest Koo in the act of killing, and Se-hwang shows it to So-young, leaving her shocked. Detective Seo aka Priest Koo meets So-young outside Se-hwang’s house, but she only tells him to put Commissioner General Baek Sung-moon and Chief Editor Ham Hong-seo under protection.

Item Roundup Episodes 19-20 - Detective Seo and So-young outside Se-hwang's house

Chief Shin meets Ha Seung-mok, the man who had saved Gon. Shin reveals to him that he’s in the final stages of cancer and needs his help for a friend. Ha has a panic attack at Shin’s words and runs away. Turns out Ha was one of the firefighters involved in the rescue operation at Dream World. He had been unable to help the children calling out to him during the incident, and suffers from trauma to this date.

So-young meets Gon and shows him the polaroid photo of Priest Koo. Gon tells her that Priest Koo is hunting everyone who was involved in covering up the Dream World case. In the Room of Wishes, Dae-soo and Da-in hide from the clown again. Dae-soo recounts watching the clown turning a man into ashes by putting his hat on him. As the clown had put his hat back on, part of his disappearing body had materialized again.

Item Roundup Episodes 19-20 - Dae-soo and Da-in in the room of wishes

Se-hwang instructs Yu-na to share Hak-jae’s transfer news with So-young. Gon and So-young discover Priest Koo’s secret room and notice something strange in it—a 16-year-old photo of Detective Seo with Priest Koo, with the former appearing exactly as he does now. So-young immediately calls the police to figure out his whereabouts, also asking Chief Editor Ham Hong-seo’s location to be tracked.

Meanwhile, Seo has already met Ham and leads him to a car in an abandoned place. In the trunk is Commissioner Baek’s dead body with his foot severed. As Ham processes this, Detective Seo turns into Priest Koo. So-young and Gon arrive at the location and give Koo a chase. He disappears, then reappears as Detective Seo. So-young notices the cross she gave to Priest Koo on Seo’s wrist and points her gun at him. An oncoming train obscures her view of Seo, and when he appears again, it is as Priest Ko. He tells So-young that he must finish his duty and unable to shoot, So-young breaks down. Se-hwang recites the infamous Bible verse and wonders if Priest Koo will come for him next.

Item Roundup Episodes 19-20 - Se-hwang sets fire to Dream Word

Turns out it’s the birthday of Se-hwang’s dad, and Se-hwang presents him a portrait of himself with clown markings on his face. In a flashback, we see that several years ago, Se-hwang’s dad had dressed up as a clown on his birthday. Se-hwang had asked why his dad hadn’t let him get caught for the Dream World incident. Then, he had captured his soul.

After Yu-na tells her about Hak-jae’s transfer, So-young makes a plan to break Hak-jae out of prison. Se-hwang flashes back to the day he had set fire to the amusement park. Kim Tae-goo had realized that Se-hwang had caused the fire and had threatened to report him. As a result, Se-hwang had framed Kim instead.

Item Roundup Episodes 19-20 - Hak-jae escapes

So-young visits Hak-jae on the day of his transfer and slips him a pill through a block of tofu. Gon and Chief Shin rent an ambulance, but the staff at the rental recognize Gon and report him. On the way to prison, Hak-jae ingests the pill. He begins foaming at the mouth, prompting the police officers to call an ambulance. Shin and Gon, who have been trailing the bus, get there disguised as caretakers. Shin transfers Hak-jae to the ambulance as Gon punctures the police bus. As soon as they escape, the police are on their trail. They are able to get the detectives off their back through So-young’s help, but the detectives spot her helping them.


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