Item Roundup: Episodes 17-18

As Gon lies bleeding on the road, a man finds him and uses a magical stamp to heal him. The stamp leaves a mark over Gon’s hand. Gon regains consciousness, appears surprised to find himself unhurt and runs off to hide. Detective Seo is tasked with keeping an eye on So-young and Chief Shin after Yu-na suspects them of aiding Gon. Studying the accident site, So-young surmises that Gon’s car had been hit intentionally.

Item Roundup Episodes 17-18 - Man with the stamp saves Gon

While cleaning himself up, Gon notices the stamp mark on his hand fading away. A detective finds the truck that hit Gon’s car, its driver dead. While investigating, the detective runs into Se-hwang. Strangling the detective using the bracelet, Se-hwang asks him to report that he has found Gon, and then kills him. The prosecutors’ team search for Gon at the bus terminal. Gon approaches Yu-na and tells her he needs to find the items to save Da-in. He promises to find the real culprit, and she lets him go. Just as Se-hwang intended, the detectives’ team think Gon killed the detective and vow to catch him.

The forensics team tells So-young that Detective Jin-min’s neck bone had been crushed with the strength of a beast. At this, the father and daughter give each other loaded looks. Se-hwang tracks Gon’s movements and reports him to the police. Gon calls So-young from a burner phone and asks her to find the man who saved him. The man had a burn scar on the back of his hand and a blue delivery van. A thrilling chase ensues, with the detectives and prosecutors teams going after Gon. Just as they finally catch him, Priest Ko arrives in a car to rescue Gon, who gets shot in the process.

Da-in meets Dae-soo in the Room of Wishes and he helps her hide from the clown. She notices that their bodies are disappearing in the mirror. Priest Ko treats Gon’s gun wound. Upon waking up, Gon confronts the priest, who tells him that Kim Tae-goo was not the culprit behind the fire accident at Dream World. We learn that Kim Tae-goo was Gon’s dad. Gon flashes back to how miserable his childhood became after his dad got accused for the crime. He used to come home to calls for his dad’s death painted on the walls of his home. He had had to change his name from Kim Sung-kyu.

Chief Shin manages to locate the man with the burn scar. Priest Ko makes a proposal to Gon—he will share all the items he has if Gon agrees to assist him. Gon refuses, saying he will never partake in murder. Autopsy results reveal that the truck driver who was found dead had brain damage similar to the previous cases. As for the detective, he was strangled by one hand and died not from suffocation, but from his neck bone breaking. Under his nails, traces of expensive vicuna wool are found, leading So-young to definitively conclude that Se-hwang is behind the murders.

Item Roundup Episodes 17-18 - Se-hwang and So-young's confrontation

So-young calls Detective Seo aka Priest Ko and tells him that she plans to confront Se-hwang. She believes that he will try to boast about his crimes, and she can use his words to secure evidence. Detective Seo tells her not to meet Se-hwang alone but she carries on. As soon as she introduces herself, Se-hwang’s first words are, “I too lost my mother when I was young.” So-young calls him a sociopath for enjoying murder and treating others’ lives like a game. As Se-hwang tries to strangle her, she puts a gun to his forehead and says, “Get your dirty hands off me before I glow your brains out.”


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